Interesting facts about Russia

If you want to know the most interesting facts about Russiathen welcome. Here you will learn a lot about how mysterious, extraordinary and in many ways unique country is Russia, the birthplace of Pushkin, Chekhov and Tolstoy.

In recent years, interest in the Russian state has become significantly aggravated due to the fact that ... however, let's talk about politics another time.

Interesting facts about Russia

Many people know that Russia is the largest state in the world. Its area is 17,125,191 km², which is approximately equal to the area of ​​Pluto. To see this, open any geographical map and soberly shudder when you see the immense expanses of the Russian land.

Klyuchevskaya Sapka or Klyuchevskaya Volcano is the largest active volcano in Eurasia, which is already more than 7000 years old. The height of this volcano is almost 5 kilometers. The last eruption was on August 15, 2013. Since then, the height of the volcano is 4835 meters.

The St. Petersburg metro is rightly considered the deepest in the world for the simple reason that more than 50 of its stations (out of 67) are at a depth exceeding 30 meters.

An interesting fact is that some people think that St. Petersburg is the deepest metro in the sense of a particular station. However, the primacy of this metro is determined by the average depth of the stations.

St. Petersburg is called the Venice of the North because there are 342 bridges in this metropolis. In general, if you count all the rivers and canals, adjacent to Peter, there will be about 800 bridges. There is confusion, as some citizens believe that there are more bridges in St. Petersburg than in Venice.

In fact, within the city of Venice there are more than 400 bridges, while St. Petersburg is limited to 342 bridges.

In the North Caucasus, in Karachay-Cherkessia is the oldest Christian church in Russia. The Church of Elijah the Prophet was built around 900 by the Alans, who then inhabited this part of the Caucasus.

An interesting fact is that they were baptized by the Byzantines in 916, that is, before the official baptism of Russia.

Russia has the longest railway in the world. The Trans-Siberian Railway (Transsib) is 9298 kilometers long. Construction began in 1891 and completed in 1916. This road connects Moscow and Vladivostok, crossing 87 cities.

An interesting fact about Russia is that there is a station "Erofei Pavlovich" on Transsib. You can take a fast train from Moscow to Vladivostok in 6 days and 2 hours. Total nothing! It is impressive that the throughput capacity of the Trans-Siberian Railway is 100 million tons of cargo per year.

The unique Lake Baikal, located in Siberia, is the world's largest source of fresh water and the deepest lake in the world (1642 meters).

Baikal has 23,615.39 km³ of fresh water, which is 19% of world reserves. There are more waters in Lake Baikal than in the five Great Lakes of North America (Ontario, Huron and Michigan, Erie and Upper).

Lake Baikal Baikal has extremely clean water.

Lovers of interesting facts will be pleased to know that Russia is the only country in the world that is simultaneously washed by 12 seas at once, of which one (the White Sea) is internal. Watch list here.

What do you think, what is the distance from Russia to America? Wrong! There is only 4 kilometers between the Russian island of Ratmanov and the American island of Kruzenshtern! So a Russian, if desired, can get to America by boat.

Everyone knows that St. Petersburg is called the cultural capital of Russia. However, not everyone knows the interesting facts about this intellectual city. So, in St. Petersburg there are 2000 libraries, 221 museums, more than 80 theaters and 45 art galleries.

It is believed that the Ural Mountains are, along with the Scandinavian, the most ancient on earth. They were formed about 410-360 million years ago.

In Moscow, there are seven high-rise buildings, which in international guides are called "Seven Sisters". In Russia, they are known as the Stalin skyscrapers (they were built under Stalin). These are seven almost identical buildings, built by order of the "leader of the peoples."

By themselves, these buildings are extremely beautiful and impress with their magnificence. Here is a list of the "Seven Sisters": the building of MSU, the hotel "Ukraine" and the hotel "Leningradskaya", the building of the Foreign Ministry, the building on Kudrinskaya Square and the Red Gate Square, the house on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment.

Interesting facts about Russia can not do without the main, official residence of the President of the Russian Federation. The Moscow Kremlin is the oldest (built in 1482-1495) and a large medieval fortress throughout Europe.

The length of the walls of the Kremlin is 2500 meters. Gate - 4 pieces, the number of towers - 20 pieces, and their height reaches 80 meters.

the Moscow Kremlin

It is appropriate to add that Red Square has only indirect relation to communism, and it was named so from the old Russian word "Red", which means "Beautiful."

It is curious that the same St. Petersburg is the most northern city in the world, whose population is more than one million people. To be more precise, the population of St. Petersburg is just over 5 million.

The area of ​​Siberia (geographical) is equal to 9.8 million km ², which is about 57% of the territory of Russia.

An interesting fact is that Russia has the most of its neighboring countries. On the map, you can verify that this number is 18, including two unrecognized and two partially recognized countries.

These countries are: Norway and Finland, Estonia and Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, the LC and the DPR, Abkhazia and Georgia, South Ossetia and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the PRC, Mongolia and the DPRK. And this is only by land. By sea, Russia is bordered by Japan and the United States.

The Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK), invented by Russian designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, is the unique, most widespread small arms in the world. According to some estimates, one fifth of the total firearm on the ground directly relates to Kalashnikov, that is, if you take into account all unlicensed copies and designs, built on the basis of AK only.

In sixty years, more than 70 million different versions of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, which are in service with more than 50 countries, have been released. The closest competitor of the AK is the American M16 automatic rifle.

However, it is significantly inferior to its older brother. Over the years, the M16 produced about 8 million units, which arm 27 foreign armies.

Mikhail Kalashnikov with his unique invention

Interestingly, Russia equalized the rights of women and men in 1918, while the United States - in 1920.

On the same topic. Russia abolished serfdom in 1861, and slavery was abolished in the US in 1865. Here we must add an interesting fact that serfdom in Russia itself was much softer and more humane than in most European countries, where slaves were considered just a thing , the property of the owner.

Do you know who discovered Antarctica? Of course, these are Russians! Expedition led by navigators F.F. During the round-the-world trip, Bellingshausen and Lazarev refuted the statement of the famous Cook that it is impossible to swim further than this, since “there” is solid ice. In 1820, they discovered the mainland Antarctica and another 29 islands.

One of the most famous old games - Tetris, was invented by Russian Alexey Pajitnov. This happened in 1985, after which Tetris acquired tremendous fame and prevalence in the USSR and throughout the world.

Alexey Pajitnov with Tetris invented by him

In the Moscow metro, the interval between trains is less than in any other metro in the world. At peak hours, trains travel every 90 seconds.

The length of the entire Moscow metro is 333.5 kilometers. The number of stations for 2016 is 200 pieces. The fleet of cars is about 4535 pcs. If this number is divided by the average number of cars in the train, then it turns out that in the Moscow Metro runs about 650 trains. Many trains have their own names.

Near St. Petersburg there is a small but world-famous city of Peterhof. An interesting fact that made this city famous is that the Lower Park of Peterhof has 176 fountains (40 of which are gigantic buildings) and 4 cascades.

Fountains of Petergof

In Russia, in the city of Oymyakon, a temperature of −77.8 ° C was recorded, which is an absolute record for the northern hemisphere. This indicator was registered in 1938.

The first person to be in space was a Russian guy, a citizen of the USSR - Yuri Gagarin.

Yuri Gagarin

If you like not only to read interesting facts about Russia, but also want to see some of them with your own eyes, use the unique tourist routes. Three such excursion "tracks" are known throughout the world: the Golden Ring of Russia, the Silver Ring of Russia, the Great Ural Ring.

The State Hermitage Museum is one of the largest and most important museums in the world. The Hermitage has about 3 million exhibits from the Stone Age to the present day.


In the Hermitage there is a solid flock of cats that protect museum collections from various rodents. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like if mice and rats got access to the world's richest heritage. Every cat has a passport with a photo.

An interesting fact is that Russia occupies about 1/9 of the entire earth’s land.

The Russian State Library, the main one in Moscow in 1862, is one of the largest libraries in Europe. In the world, it ranks fifth, after two libraries in the United States, as well as libraries in the UK and Canada.

In the foreground library of F. Dostoevsky's sculpture

And this interesting fact about Russia directly breathes its natural freshness. Each year, 400-450 Whooper Swans and 1.5-2 thousand ducks fly to the Swan Lake in the Altai Territory. They winter in this extraordinarily beautiful place.

Swan Lake in Altai

UNESCO in 2002 included Ekaterinburg in the list of twelve ideal cities in the world. In both!

The largest bell in the world in the history of casting is considered to be the Tsar Bell. Ivan Motorin and his son Michael in 1733-1735 cast this truly impressive masterpiece for that time. Its height is 6.24 m, diameter is 6.6 m, and its mass is 202 tons! Recall, this bell was made in 1735!

Tsar Bell, established in the Moscow Kremlin

An extremely interesting fact about Russia is the legal incident connected with the following. Ethnic Russians make up more than 80% of the entire population of Russia, but the Constitution of the Russian Federation does not even mention the Russian people. It remains to hope that this misunderstanding will sooner or later be resolved.

On the territory of Russia there are more than 10 secret cities that are not marked on any world map. There are no signs or public routes to them. They carry out military and scientific research with a note of the highest secrecy.

In 1924, Russian fishermen caught a beluga female weighing 1224 kg in the Caspian Sea, near the Biryuchy Spit. It had 246 kg of caviar.

An interesting fact is that in 1980 there was almost a serious diplomatic conflict between the USSR and Sweden. The fact is that the Swedes tracked strange sounds from the depths of the Baltic Sea.

Naturally, they decided that it was spying Soviet submarines. However, scientists later found out that these are giant fish, sorry, farts. For this, pundits were awarded the Nobel Prize. And rightly!

Dacha is an exclusively Russian invention. It all started with the fact that Peter the Great introduced the practice of handing out suburban areas to the court so that they could build houses for their own needs. This king was called - the dacha. Practically in all European languages ​​this word is not translated, and it is written so - dacha.

In the days of Tsarist Russia, it was possible to buy a revolver in any store exactly as we buy food today.

Where do you think it is the highest building Europe? Yes, yes, in Moscow! The Federation Tower is the highest skyscraper in Europe. The height of this 95-storey building is 374 meters.

Tallest building in Europe is considered the Ostankino television tower. This concrete structure is 540 meters high. If you're interested, read about the tallest building in the world in general.

Russia has the largest reserves of natural gas. Russia's share of reserves is almost a quarter (24.6%) of all world reserves.

Russia with varying success ranks first in the world in oil production. The top three leaders of production include Russia, the United States and Saudi Arabia.

In St. Petersburg, the longest tram network, comprising almost 700 kilometers. This record is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The largest forest in the world is in Russia. This is the East Siberian taiga, with an area of ​​3,900,000 km².

East Siberian taiga

A very interesting fact is that the fact that Russia and Japan are still in a state of war. And this is from the time of the Second World War. The cause of the conflict is the Kuril Islands.

Despite the fact that diplomatic relations are in perfect order, the official peace treaty as of 2016 has not been signed yet. It happens so!

Back in 1990 in Soviet Russia, a record-breaking number was set in the circulation of a paper newspaper. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" was printed in 22 million copies.

In Russia, in the Republic of Dagestan, there is one of the oldest cities in the world - Derbent. The first settlements here appeared at the end of the 4th millennium BC. er The modern city was founded in 438 AD as a Persian fortress.

The longest land border in the world passes between Russia and Kazakhstan, amounting to 7 512.8 km.

Pure ponds in Moscow, until 1703 were called Pogory marshes. But!

Clean Ponds

For the first time, an artificial heart was invented in Russia by a scientist named Vladimir Demikhov. An interesting fact is that the young genius had to spend the money sent by their parents to buy a suit. The invention was tested on animals in 1936.

In Russia, June 2 is a holiday. This is the day of refusal from the excesses in food. Keep in mind!

The Russian state flag under Peter the Great had a clear designation for each strip.

  • The red line below is the physical world of people with all their worries, sufferings and passions.
  • The blue line is the angelic, heavenly world.
  • White, the highest band - the divine world of faith, hope and love.

To date, the official interpretation of the tricolor is not available.

Peter the first "awarded" for drunkenness with a special medal weighing 7 kg. And this is without regard to the chain. Interesting pedagogy!

The beginning of Russian statehood was laid in the year 862. For 2016, the country's population is 146 million people. The structure of the Russian Federation includes 85 subjects, 46 of which are called regions, 22 - republics, 9 - edges, 3 - cities of federal value, 4 - autonomous districts and 1 - autonomous region.

Total we collected 57 facts. If you list all the interesting facts about Russia, then, probably, the whole site is not enough to describe the more or less significant features of this huge country.

note that various interesting facts about Russia and Russian people on many sites contain unverified information. In preparing this material, the number of erroneous statements led the author downright embarrassing!

All the above facts are verified and fully correspond to reality. If you find a controversial, in your opinion, statement, write about it in the comments.

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