Aristotle and the chatterbox

Once to Aristotle a young man came, wanting to learn from the great ancient thinker of various sciences. The whole time of their meeting, the young man, without interruption, was telling something, recollecting, losing his voice and broadcasting again. After a two-hour interview, the future student asked Aristotle:

- How much will it cost me to study with you?

“You are twice as much as I usually take from young people,” the philosopher replied.

- But let me, why? - exclaimed the young man.

“Because before I teach you how to speak correctly, I must first teach you to be silent — there was an answer.”

Aristotle is not listening

They also say that the son of rich parents once came to Aristotle. He told a philosopher something long and ornate. And he seemed to enjoy the sound of his own voice.

When a long time had passed, he asked Aristotle, "I did not tire you?", To which the sage replied: "No, I did not listen."

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