The longest seaweed

If you want to know interesting facts about nature, then welcome. We suggest you to get acquainted with the longest algae.

You should know that the alga is a representative of lower plants. Algae are not just for beauty. They are the main food of many marine animals.

Interesting that longest seaweed reach a length of 200 meters. In general, about 45 thousand species of algae are known. They inhabit the water column to the level of penetration of sunlight.

Some algae firmly attached to the bottom - they are called deep. Others, on the contrary, constantly drift on the water surface - these are planktonic algae. Their color can be different: green, brown, red or blue.

An interesting fact is that algae reproduce in a variety of ways: vegetative, sexually and asexual. It is curious that these unusual plants contain much more nutrients (iodine, minerals, etc.) than any other marine inhabitants. For this reason, algae are often used in the food industry.

Interestingly, in cosmetic they are also indispensable. They make creams and emulsions with a powerful rejuvenating effect. In some beauty salons, special algae are wrapped up in the whole body for costly health procedures.

The longest Pacific algae belongs to the longest algae. It is also one of the fastest growing. The growth rate reaches 45 centimeters per day. Algae spread all over the globe.

The longest seaweed in the world

The longest is considered Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera), which lives on the Pacific coast of America and has a length of 200 meters. At a depth of 2 to 40 meters, it is attached to the seabed. On the surface, floating formations resembling moving leaves. Often these algae form whole floating islands.

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