Hamburg Account

Many have heard the expression "Hamburg score". What this means, and how to use this phraseological unit we will tell right now.

First expression Hamburg Account appeared in the Soviet literature. The famous writer and critic Viktor Shklovsky in 1928 published a collection of articles under the general title "The Hamburg Account".

There he says that in Germany there was a long tradition between athletes.

The fact is that all the wrestlers appearing before the public most often fulfilled the order of their masters. That is, in fact, these were staged battles, or, as we say today, purchased ones.

Athletes fought valiantly, but ultimately, the one who was appointed “from above” won.

Nevertheless, in order to understand the real state of affairs and the real strength of each wrestler, they gathered once a year in a hamburg tavern. After closing the doors and locking the windows tightly, the rivals began to fight. And here no one ever succumbed to anyone. The fight was fair and fair, and not as much as the speeches in front of a large audience.

Shklovsky ended this example with the words: "The Hamburg Account is Necessary in the Literature," meaning that among the writers there were many crooks and those who published "according to cronyism" rather than according to talent, and that those should be sifted out according to the Hamburg account.

This popular expression almost immediately became popular among writers, and then in general, among the creative intelligentsia.

An interesting fact is that in Hamburg, not one of the old residents has any idea about any tavern where the fighters would find out their true strength in fair competitions. And there is no historical information about this. Therefore, it is believed that the writer Shklovsky used to illustrate his thoughts are not reliable sources, but a beautiful legend.

Although anyone is interested, if the popular expression is tightly used in everyday life and everyone understands its meaning!

Expression meaning and examples

The expression Hamburg Score means something fair and just, which is judged without fraud and falsehood.

To properly use this idiom read a few examples.

- You still answer me on the Hamburg account!

- He is a good specialist, but on the Hamburg score can hardly withstand the competition.

In other words, use the expression as a synonym for the concepts "in fact," "truly," and "in reality."

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