If you are on this page, it means that you like clever words and phrases. As a rule, the origin history (etymology) of buzzwords is quite simple.

It consists of several Latin or Greek words. But this can not be said about the word "Patron". It is about him that we will speak right now.

Who is the patron

Maecenas - is a person who provides free assistance from his own funds for the development of science and art.

An interesting fact is that this beautiful word comes from a common name. That was the name of Guy Tsilniye Maecenas, a wealthy Roman who, during the reign of Emperor Augustus, provided full support for the art of that time.

Contemporaries spoke of him as a very worthy husband. He never licked himself and did not cringe in front of the rulers, although he was an extremely wealthy man.

Not occupying any official position, the Patron was one of the most influential people under Emperor Augustus. It is thanks to him that many projects on the organization of the Roman Empire were implemented and brought great benefit to the country.

Actually, after the Patron entered the history, as the patron of any creative aspirations, the patrons of the arts began to call everyone who supported science and art out of his own pocket.

Interestingly, many patrons of art are known along with those whom they supported. An example is the oligarchic Medici family, who from 13th to the 18th century regularly became the rulers of Florence.

History knows them, mainly because they were the key sponsors of many outstanding geniuses of the Renaissance.

Charity in Russia began to develop in the 18th century. The second half of the 19th century was the golden time for patrons of the arts in Russia. In the rich country houses of influential nobles one could see unique monuments of Russian and European art, as well as extensive libraries.

Well, now you know who the patrons of art are. To remember this word, just use it a couple of times in colloquial speech.

For example, you will see how a young dad buys his son paint for painting. Do not miss the chance to joke:

- Yes, you, my dear, philanthropist!

Now the word patron will be associated with charity in favor of art and science, and not just with the name of the Roman leader Guy Tsilniy Patron.

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