3 important steps on the way to the goal

Everyone has some kind of dream. Just some do not realize this, and they think that they do not dream of anything. In fact, all people tend to want happiness, success in work, improvement of family life, etc.

As soon as a dream is realized by man, it immediately becomes a goal. Conscious the goal is much easier to achieve. However, understanding how important the motivation in this matter is, we offer you 3 important steps on the way to the goal.

With seeming simplicity, these steps will help you to radically change the attitude to reality. After all, it is no coincidence that psychology deals with such things! We also recommend you to pay attention to a small, but very interesting and motivating post called "10 tips on the road to success."

So let's go!

Step 1: Get rid of trash

Perhaps someone will smile from such funny advice. After all, really, what have the trash in your house, if the problem is somewhere in the shower.

But do not forget that we, humans, are unique psycho-physical beings. And the material world also affects us, as well as the non-material one.

Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of this step. Now let's see what kinds of trash exist.

TrashHow to get rid
Good ideas. You once wanted to practice art or playing the guitar (etc.), and you still have tutorials left, but you haven't touched them for years.Set yourself a clear time frame. For example, on such and such a number I will start learning the guitar / art / etc. If this does not happen - throw away everything that you collected for these purposes, as this is unnecessary trash for you.
Dear things. There are things that you will never be useful. But it is a pity to get rid of them, since they are dear to you. This may be an old tape recorder that no one needs for a long time, some kind of trinket, souvenir or clothing.Do good. Think well, who could be useful this or that thing from this category. Maybe the botany book will be useful if you give it to the library, and the old wristwatch will bring happiness to your teenage neighbor.
Invisible things. These can be idle household appliances, used items, glasses, lenses with unsuitable for you, etc. That is all that for years you have not used, but you do not notice.Set a fixed number. Throw away every cleaning, for example, 5 unnecessary items. Everything may not work out right away, but by following such a dotted pattern, you will soon get rid of this litter.
Not yours. Often in the house you can find things of relatives or friends who have forgotten, or simply asked to save for some time.Return to the owners. Do not spend time with this business, ring up or call when you meet, if they need these things. If yes, give it up; if not, throw it away.
Favorite, but useless. These can be books, photographs, decorations, souvenirs and other things that are absolutely not needed for anything, but which remind you of something good and pleasant in your life.Do not throw away. Maybe you thought that we would offer you an original idea how to get rid of this "garbage"? In fact, this is not garbage, but very important things. If they have a positive effect on you, do not get rid of them. This is not trash!

At this first step is over. We hope that you were able to catch the essence, rather than specific installation.

Step 2: Search for useful information

The ancient sage Ecclesiastes said: "There is nothing new under the sun." And indeed it is. It is foolish and senseless to dream about something without trying to learn the experience of other people. In this sense, an important step towards a goal is the search for information.

Based on the psychological characteristics of a person, we can recommend a very interesting trick to you. Let's call it the obstacle method. What it is?

Obstacle method

For example, you want to go to Africa. But here you have a lot of obstacles: both expensive and not with whom, and scary, and there are no normal travel companies, etc.

If you just share this dream with your friends, acquaintances and relatives, they will most likely be discouraged.

However, if you use the obstacle method, everything changes in a striking way. Instead of saying: “I want to go to Africa,” say this: “I wanted to go to Africa, but ...” and list a lot of reasons why this could not happen.

So the person is so arranged that the interlocutor at the subconscious level will begin to persuade you (that is, to object to you), finding explanations for one thing or another and offering original ways to solve difficult issues.

We assure that with the help of this simple reception you will be able to get valuable information from a variety of people. And it could be anyone, even a random fellow traveler on a train or a taxi driver.

By the way, this method of obtaining useful information was used by many ancient Greek sages and philosophers.

Like-minded people

Many people are afraid to be "at ease". However, on the way to the goal, the search for like-minded people is the most important step. For example, you want to write a book. But you even have no idea how this can happen.

Do not be afraid to attend relevant events, trainings, exhibitions and conferences. Do not think that everything is too smart there, and your "stupid ideas" will seem ridiculous.

In fact, it is in such communities (both real and virtual) that you can learn the most useful information to achieve your dream.

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And, of course, we cannot fail to mention the importance of books in this context. Any reference books, encyclopedias and thematic manuals of the corresponding orientation will help you in solving many issues.

The most important thing here is to teach yourself to read books. One could write endlessly about the enormous benefits of this occupation. But we confine ourselves to a simple reminder.

Watching a video, listening to audio is all well and good, but nothing will replace a book. Keep this in mind when searching for useful information.

Step 3: Swim against the current

This step towards the goal is especially important. Surely many have heard that Napoleon and Suvorov had a phenomenal memory and fantastic performance, Joseph Stalin read 400 pages daily, Socrates constantly exhausted his body with physical training.

There are many such examples of outstanding people. What unites them all? They sailed against the current. They tried to be the first in everything, which meant constant overcoming of oneself.

You can often hear the phrase: "... he feels good; he has innate abilities." But the great inventor and scientist Thomas Edison said: "In the genius of 1% of talent and 99% of labor." Remember this.

However, on the subconscious our inner “I” can find quite serious reasons for not moving towards the goal. Which of you are not familiar with the "convincing" arguments of reason:

  • Unfortunately, today I am tired;
  • No, I'm too busy;
  • Alas, lost interest;
  • Still, it's time to relax;
  • I sit a little on the Internet, and then immediately for the cause;
  • Maybe I do not need it at all?

To overcome these internal excuses that have not allowed you to achieve your desired goal for years, use simple tricks.

Little by little, but regularly

Began to learn English, and immediately set a bar at 30 words a day? We assure that in most cases, in two days you will drop this case.

It is better to act a little, but always regularly. Make it a rule to learn not 30, but 5 words a day. In this case, make a mandatory reservation that it should be every day.

The overwhelming majority of eminent psychologists say that it is with this method that one can succeed on the way to the goal. In fact, this is the main rule of self-development.

I do not want and I will not

There are days when absolutely do not want to do what you need. In this case, it is strongly recommended not to break oneself, but to be the master of the situation. If in principle you don’t want to do something, that’s not necessary.

In the end, you control the situation, not she you. Although at this point one should be careful not to fall into the opposite extreme: completely stop moving towards the goal.


Create an atmosphere at home and in the workplace so that everything reminds you of your goal. Stickers, reminders, etc. - Everything should tell you about the goal to which you are moving. Do not underestimate this point, since it has repeatedly confirmed its efficiency.

We hope that 3 important steps on the way to the goal will help you realize your dream. The main thing is to act. Do not be afraid of obstacles, implement your plans against all odds.

If you have problems with self-esteem - read an interesting article on how to improve self-esteem.

And remember the wonderful Roman proverb: "The road will go by mastered".

Watch the video: How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals. Stephen Duneier. TEDxTucson (February 2020).