Ideas for the New Year

Sure ideas for the New Year - this is a rather subjective thing. After all, someone likes brilliance and chic, and someone on the contrary is inclined to a simple atmosphere for a holiday. But they both traditionally do not do, for example, without Olivier!

That is, general ideas for the New Year are available. In this post, we offer different ideas for the New Year. Something yes you can choose. This is especially true for those who have children in the family, because family and children are key components of our life, aren’t they?

Beautiful sweets

Where to get away from snacks for the New Year! To make this business look more attractive and festive, You can make different figurines from marmalade.

As a subsidiary material, use glazed seeds and topping.

You can make cute circles out of lollipops that kids can't like. Take 5 lozenges and form a circle of them. To bond the candy together, use plain water.

Then you can decorate with powder, cinnamon and anything else. The main thing is to give a couple of hours to this beauty to dry so that the circles do not break up.

Melting snowmen

Want to make Christmas snowmen with an unusual effect? This idea will appreciate any of your guest or family member.

So, preheat the oven to 400 ° C and put the marshmallow, placed in advance on the cracker. Cover the baking sheet with foil to keep the marshmallow from darkening, and bake for 10-12 minutes.

In the meantime, it is possible to paint the heads of future snowmen in order to later put them on the heated marshmallows extracted from the oven.

The result should be the following picture:


We now turn to other ideas for the New Year, which are not related to food in general and delicacies in particular.


To please children with original toys and decorations, do not be lazy to make a fairly simple snowman with your own hands.

To do this, take a wool pompons and connect them together as shown in the image. Headgear can be made from felt. If you attach a loop to the hat, then this toy can be hung on the Christmas tree.

By the way, a rather original New Year character can be made from round skeins of threads. And spending it just a couple of minutes.

Christmas trees

Of course, no idea for the New Year can not bypass the Christmas tree. After all, this is one of the main symbols of this holiday.

Christmas trees from magazines

I must say that making Christmas trees from magazines is extremely simple, despite the fact that they look pretty impressive.

An interesting fact is that the wife of former President of America - Barack Obama, taught little girls to make such Christmas trees.

The point is quite simple. Take the old magazine, remove the cover, and begin to fold each page at an angle of 45 degrees, as shown in the figure. All sheets must be double folded in half diagonally.

Along the lines of the folds spend a pencil or pen so that the leaves do not unbend. Especially if the magazine has thick and glossy pages.

The bottom corner of the future Christmas tree, which goes beyond the bounds of the journal, turn upwards.

Putting all the pages together, we will get a wonderful Christmas tree from a magazine made from material that is available to any person. We hope that this step by step instruction will help you.

Making Christmas trees with your own hands

As a variety, you can make simple Christmas trees from green paper of different shades. This idea for the New Year may seem somewhat rustic.

However, its essence lies in the fact that these trees need to do not one or two, but such a spruce forest itself. Moreover, a symbolic gift can be hidden inside each of them.

To bond paper together, use plain and double sided tape. It looks very interesting, and children will certainly enjoy it.

You can also cut a long ribbon out of paper, and make such a lovely thing out of it:

Frost patterns

To successfully make the next decoration, you need to print a template.

Immediately it should be noted that this idea for the New Year is extremely interesting and beautiful. If you make some effort, then at the exit you should have the following beauty:

So, we need to draw Christmas trees and deer. And it should be done on a high candlestick made of transparent glass. A pink candle should be placed inside.

We will need: a pattern, a "tube-shaped" vase (candlestick), a cake stand on a high stem, a fine-tipped glue, sparkles or sugar to imitate a frosty pattern, artificial snow for a snowdrift, and a candle.

When everything is ready, roll up the template into a tube and insert it inwards so that the image is displayed outside. Secure the paper with tape and apply glue to the glass over the pattern.

After that, sprinkle New Year's pattern with prepared snow. Act quickly so that the glue does not succeed to dry out without snow powder. When everything is ready, leave your work for the night so that it is completely dry.

The next day, sprinkle artificial snow as shown in the image above.

This idea requires some effort and cost, but if you implement it, this New Year will be truly original.

Origami bunnies for the New Year

Finally, we bring an unusual idea for the New Year, namely, origami. Making a bunny is not at all difficult. Follow the instructions and you will succeed:

Of course, ideas for the New Year could be much more. However, all of them cannot be described in one article. We hope that this post will benefit you, and you will be able to implement at least one idea from the proposed ideas.

By the way, we recommend short poems for children for the New Year.

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