Interesting facts about Japan

Despite the fact that Japan is a rather small state, it has quite a serious influence in the world. Especially in terms of technology.

In addition, Japanese culture, with its exquisite traditions, is admired by millions of people who have no relation to the east.

Asian cities and countries have recently enjoyed particular popularity among tourists. And this is not by chance.

We have collected for you the most interesting facts about Japan.

  1. All over the world, only Japan has the status of an imperial state.
  2. The Japanese imperial dynasty has not been interrupted for 2,500 years already!
  3. Of all countries, only nuclear weapons were used against Japan. The infamous Hiroshima and Nagasaki are two Japanese cities that were destroyed by US nuclear bombs.
  4. The words "typhoon" and "tsunami" are of Japanese origin.
  5. A very interesting fact: the Constitution of Japan states that it does not have the right to declare war on anyone.
  6. Surprisingly, in Japan there is no centralized heating, although even the sidewalks in this country are heated.
  7. If for some reason a train in Japan is at least 1 minute behind the schedule, this will be considered a serious violation.
  8. In Japan, very expensive fruits. Their cost can be calculated in hundreds of US dollars.
  9. About 70% of the entire territory of Japan is covered with forests, since their cutting is prohibited by law.
  10. An interesting fact is that in Japan there is an unusual place - Aokigahara. This is the so-called suicide forest.
  11. In the Japanese subway there are special people whose duties include tamping people in train cars.
  12. The Japanese still practice hara-kiri. This ritual man performs in order to wash away the shame.
  13. The Japanese work at least 12 hours a day, and 6 days a week!
  14. It is interesting that in Japan it is not customary to leave a tip, as this may offend the staff.
  15. Japanese smokers have to carry miniature ashtrays. This is due to the fact that it is prohibited by law to shake the ashes on the floor and the ground. It would be very useful for the lawmakers of Russia to take note of this interesting fact.
  16. The Japanese do not call the month by name, but simply number them from 1 to 12.
  17. For more convenient transportation of watermelons, the Japanese learned to grow them in square shape.
  18. In Japan, it is not accepted to wear clothes with a deep neckline, while short skirts are very popular.
  19. Tokyo leads in safety among the largest cities in the world.
  20. The Japanese call their country "Nippon" (or "Nihon"), which literally means "Land of the Rising Sun".
  21. All trash in Japan is sorted and recycled.
  22. Japan owns about 7,000 islands. However, 4 of the largest of them cover an area equal to 97%.
  23. In Japan, there is a hotel "Hoshi Ryekan". Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it was discovered as early as 718.
  24. Annually, Japan is shaken by approximately 1,400 weak earthquakes.
  25. An interesting fact is that today more than 50,000 people live in Japan, whose age has exceeded 100 years. That is, longevity among them is very developed.
  26. Due to the uncertainty regarding the Kuril Islands, a peace treaty has not yet been formally signed between Japan and Russia.
  27. In Japan, in special containers, you can see umbrellas for general use. That is, during a rain, anyone can use an umbrella, and after it ends, the umbrella is left in a similar container located in any other place.
  28. In Japan, there are more than 200 volcanoes, which often cause earthquakes.
  29. On the streets of Japan, you will not see garbage cans, with the exception of tanks designed to collect glass containers.
  30. In Japanese toilets, toilet seats are heated.
  31. Did you know that the Japanese, instead of the traditional signature, use a personalized stamp? This seal is in every resident of Japan.
  32. The Japanese are very honest and decent people, and this is not just an interesting fact, but everyday reality for them. For example, if you even lose something very valuable, you are more likely to find a loss in the lost and found office.
  33. In Japan, there are almost no foreign workers, as according to the law, migrant workers have to pay higher than average salaries. As a result, it is more profitable for an employer to hire a Japanese, not a foreign worker. Isn't it cleverly invented?

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