How extroverts and introverts see the world

If you still do not know who the introverts and extroverts are, we definitely recommend to know about it. After all, the psychology of these types of personality works very differently.

Now we bring to your attention 12 comics about how introverts and extroverts see the world.

Well, let's start!

1. A party or any other entertainment event immediately detects an introvert.

2. Introvert scary to think that you have to talk to a stranger. But the extrovert is always happy to make a new acquaintance.

3. A phone call for an extrovert is a joyous occasion. But the introvert is alarming.

4. In the elevator, they also behave quite differently.

5. If they work in a large office, then for some it is a real paradise, and for others it is an everyday test of strength.

6. They also perform work in a special way. Some dominate and work with logic, while others tend to creative solutions.

7. The leader is an extrovert and an introvert boss - these are two completely different views of subordinates.

8. They also regard the house in diametrically opposite terms. For the former, this is just a place where you can take a breath and run further, while for others the house is the best place to live on earth.

9. Extroverts perceive any rapid communication as recharging with energy, but introverts perceive it the other way around.

10. Actually, this is why even a trip in the city public transport makes them very different.

11. The same applies to rest after a hard day's work.

12. They also appreciate ideal weekends in somewhat different ways.

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