Biography Pugacheva

Alla Borisovna Pugacheva - Soviet and Russian pop singer, songwriter, pop director, producer, film actress and TV presenter.

Pugacheva is a symbol of Soviet and Russian variety art. In the course of reading this biography, you will understand why she is called "prima donna", "pop queen" and "the main singer of Russia".

In brief, we only note that there are more than 500 songs in her repertoire, including many hits. The total circulation of disks exceeded 250 million copies.

So, before you is the biography of Alla Pugacheva.

Short biography of Alla Pugacheva

Alla Borisovna Pugacheva was born on April 15, 1949 in Moscow. Her mother, Zinaida Arkhipovna, worked in the personnel department at one of the factories.

His father, Boris Mikhailovich, worked at a shoe factory, and eventually became one of the leaders of the enterprise.

The firstborn in the Pugachev family was Gennady, who died in infancy. Alla was born after him. A year later, Zinaida Arkhipovna gave birth to her long-awaited son, whom they decided to call Zhenya.

Parents of the future singer played a big role in her biography. Even at preschool age, the mother invited a music teacher to the house to get his opinion on the musical abilities of the children.

Yevgeny had no inclination for music, but Alla showed up a great musical ear.

Then Pugacheva's parents decided to purchase a piano so that their daughter could learn to play. And it gave its results. After just a couple of months, Alla perfectly performed in front of the audience in the House of Unions.

At the age of seven in the biography of Pugacheva two important events occurred: she began to study at school and began to study music seriously.

First performances

After graduation, Alla Borisovna entered the conductor and choral department of the music school. Ippolitovna-Ivanova. An interesting fact is that in her student years she loved to spend time in noisy and cheerful companies, which, in fact, determined her ability to show.

However, despite the fact that she liked to have fun often, she was one of the best students in the group.

In 1965, Alla Borisovna first went on tour with the team of A. Levenbuk and A. Livshits. After this trip, she managed to record her first song "Robot", which was broadcast on the program "Good morning."

The following year, the composer V. Shainsky collaborated with her. He wrote a number of songs for Pugacheva, with some of which she won in the “Song of the Month” radio contest.

Soon her biography changed abruptly, as she became an employee of the radio station "Youth". Thanks to this job placement, Alla Borisovna visited the Arctic and the Far North, performing several of her songs.

Beginning of creative biography

In the summer of 1969, Pugacheva successfully passed her exams and received a diploma in secondary special education. Now she needed to get a job, but she absolutely did not want to be a choir leader all her life.

Soon the talented girl was offered a place of accompanist in the circus school.

The group, which was attended by musicians and circus performers, was to travel to different villages to entertain Soviet workers.

The future first spouse of the singer, Mykolas Orbakas, who worked as a clown, turned out to be in this group. Young people immediately felt sympathy for each other, and in 1969 decided to get married.

Having recorded a song for a film in a duet with Yuri Yakovlev, Pugacheva became the soloist of the group "New Electron". However, she did not stay there for long.

A year later, she was invited to become a soloist of Rosconcert, after which the girl found herself in the orchestra of O. Lundstrem. In 1974, she made her regular transition to the VIA “Merry Guys”.

During this period of his biography, Pugacheva begins cooperation with the poet I. Reznik, who will write many hits for her.

Alla Borisovna managed to get the first All-Union love and popular recognition thanks to the composition “Harlequin”.

With this song she won the 1st place at the festival "Golden Orpheus". The audience was delighted with the singing of a rising star.

In 1976, Pugacheva performed at the Cannes Film Festival as a part of the VIA Pesnyary.

Then the young actress was noticed by the famous director Eldar Ryazanov, who invited her to perform one of the songs for the film "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath".

After that, for some time she acted as a soloist in the orchestra under the direction of K. Orbelian.

It must be said that the marriage of Alla Pugacheva to Orbakas did not last long, and soon the couple officially divorced.

But such a spectacular and bright girl like Pugacheva could not long be alone. She was noticed by director Alexander Stefanovich, who made her an offer. Alla Borisovna agreed and married a second time.

In 1976, she became the winner of the festival "Song of the Year." Because of this, Pugacheva, for the first time in her biography, was invited to play the leading role of the Blue Light.

Solo career

In 1977, the already famous Alla Pugacheva began experimenting with her image. She starred in the lead role in the movie "The Woman Who Sings."

In many ways, this tape reflected the true life of Alla, which was noticeable even with the naked eye. Her acting skills were highly appreciated by critics, as a result of which she was named the best actress of the year.

In 1987, Pugacheva released her solo album, “The Mirror of the Soul,” followed by the album “Harlequin and Others”. In the same year, her husband offered her to play a major role in the film "Recital".

However, the shooting of this film ended for the biography of Pugacheva not the best way. The fact is that once again being on the set, the actress seriously quarreled with the project management, as a result of which she was removed from the shooting.

This incident affected the relationship between spouses. It came to a divorce, which took place in 1980

Interesting facts biography Pugacheva

In the period of 70-80s, Alla Pugacheva unwittingly became the cause of several murders that occurred in the Soviet Union.

In 1975, seventeen-year-old Anatoly Nagiyev was detained on charges of rape. As it turned out, he was obsessed with the songs of the prima donna, which was a real idol for him.

The criminal himself claimed that he constantly heard Alla’s voice in his head. Because of this, he firmly decided to kill her, and did his best to organize the assassination.

In preparation for the murder, Nagiyev killed 6 women who looked like his idol. Only in the fall of 1980, the maniac was caught by the police and put in jail. It is noteworthy that Pugacheva herself did not even suspect about the attempt on her life being prepared.

The beginning of the 80s brought the singer many creative successes and achievements. She still recorded new albums, instantly bought up by Soviet citizens.

Raymond Pauls wrote for her many hits: "Million Scarlet Roses", "Cause Time", "Maestro" and others. Pugacheva quickly gained fame not only in Soviet Russia, but also abroad.

In 1981 she managed to go on tour in various European countries. Everywhere she went, she was enthusiastically received by the public and admired her vocal abilities. Foreigners gave her the nickname "Soviet superstar", which means "Soviet superstar".

In 1985, Pugacheva worked closely with musical groups such as "Herreys" and "Bobbysocks". She also performed in a duet with American performer Dean Reed and rock musician from Germany Udo Linderberg.

When the Chernobyl disaster occurred in 1986, Alla Pugacheva spoke for free to the liquidators of the nuclear plant fire. Performing one of her songs, "Hey, you're up there," she added the line "Why did they blow up the station?" To her, throwing a stone in the direction of the CPSU.

In 1988, Pugachev waited for a change, both in personal and in creative life. She sang a few songs in the style of rock and roll and formed the "Song Theater". Moreover, for the third time in her biography, Pugacheva married Yevgeny Boldin.

Being a creatively gifted person, Alla Borisovna long had the idea of ​​creating a project in which young talents could be revealed. As a result, the famous "Christmas Meetings with Alla Pugacheva" appeared.

In 1991, Pugacheva was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR.

Alla Pugacheva in Russia of the 90s

The political changes that occurred after the collapse of the Union could not pass by Pugacheva. In 1992, perfume under the name "Alla" began to be sold on store shelves. A year later, under the same name, the magazine began to be published.

After her divorce from Boldin, the prima donna married Philip Kirkorov. In her biography, it was 4 official marriage. After that, she even wanted to leave the stage, but after a few years she still recorded her 13th album, "Do not hurt me, gentlemen."

In 1997, Pugacheva took part in Eurovision with the song "Prima Donna". Alas, but this composition took only 15 place.

In 1999, from the hands of Boris Yeltsin, Pugacheva received the order of 2 degrees "For services to the fatherland."

In the early 2000s, the singer met Maxim Galkin. Soon, she will record with him a few songs that will be a long time to sound on television and radio.

The following years were no less intense. Pugacheva cooperates with I. Krutoy and A. Danilko. Records 3 new albums and organizes the project "Star Factory".

In March 2010, Pugacheva officially announced the completion of her concert activities, giving a farewell tour "Dreams of Love." However, she continued to appear quite often on television as a guest and presenter.

Personal life and husbands Pugacheva

Over the years of his biography, Pugacheva was married 5 times. Her last marriage, in which she is still today, was concluded in 2011.

  1. Mykolas Orbakas

In 1969, Alla Pugacheva married Mykolas Orbakas and gave birth to a daughter, Christina Orbakaite, who then follows in the footsteps of her mother. After 4 years, in 1973, the couple divorced.

  1. Alexander Stefanovich

A marriage with a film director with Stefanovich lasted 3 years from 1977 to 1980. In many ways, the reason for their divorce was creative incompatibility. Each of them was talented in his own way, because of what quarrels and scandals constantly arose between them.

When parting, Pugacheva accused Stefanovich of mercantile spirit, when he wanted to take everything “until the last stud” out of the apartment.

  1. Evgeny Boldin

The third husband in the biography of Pugacheva was Yevgeny Boldin, who worked as a music producer. He immediately noticed the girl’s outstanding artistic abilities and became interested in her.

Initially, he had a professional interest in Allah, but he quickly turned into love and brought them to the registry office. However, after some time the relationship between them began to cool.

Spouses began to live separately, and then completely divorced. Together they were from 1985 to 1993.

This separation was not accompanied by scandals, and was peaceful. In the future, they have repeatedly collaborated with each other, remaining friends.

  1. Philip Kirkorov

In 1993, Prima Donna publicly announced an affair with Philip Kirkorov. Philip himself has repeatedly claimed that he had been in love with Alla Pugacheva since childhood.

A year later, they played a wedding and became one of the most popular couples in Russia. Their marriage can be called quite happy. They had many common interests, thanks to which they managed to live together for 12 years.

In 2005, the couple decided to divorce, trying to do everything possible not to attract public attention.

  1. Maksim Galkin

The next hobby Pugacheva was Maxim Galkin. And if Kirkorov was younger than her by 18 years, in the case of Galkin, the difference was already 27 years.

By the way, you may be interested in the biography of Maxim Galkin.

The meeting of these artists took place a long time ago. They participated in various TV projects, and also jointly recorded songs at the studio. Over time, they realized that they could not live without each other and in 2011 decided to get married.

Legitimizing the relationship, the newlyweds bought in the village of Mud a chic castle with a large and equipped courtyard. After a couple of years, they had twins with a surrogate mother.

Alla Pugacheva today

Although the singer no longer gives concerts, she continues to be interested in creativity. She has her own school where gifted children study. The child is accepted there only after a personal interview with Alla Borisovna.

After the birth of twins, Pugacheva and Galkin give them a lot of attention. They can often be seen with children on walks or on some social events.

At the end we recommend to see rare and unique photos of Pugacheva.

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