Interesting facts about books

Long since a man tried to capture his knowledge in many different ways. To this end, the ancient people left pictures on the rocks, depicting certain events on them.

Later, clay tablets with cuneiform texts began to appear, on which the Sumerians captured important information.

Also, the bark of the tree, metal sheets, papyrus and parchment were used as material for writing. All of this we told in a brief history of writing.

In this article we will look at most interesting facts about bookswhich you may have never heard of. By the way, pay attention to the most expensive books in the world - we made a selection of the TOP-10.

  1. The first books, which appeared in the form in which we used to see them, appeared in about the 1st century AD. er Their pages were made of thin wooden plates on which a thin layer of wax was applied. After that, the scribe took a pointed wand and wrote words with it. All these plates were fastened together with leather twine or metal rings.
  2. Soon the parchment came to replace the tree. This material received this name due to the fact that it was used in the city of Pergamum. For this, the master took the skin of a calf or lamb, and then began to process it in a certain way. An interesting fact is that for the manufacture of an average book, you had to use hundreds of animal skins. One can only imagine how expensive the book was at that time. It is curious that, if necessary, the text could be removed by milk or scraping, after which it was possible to write a new text.
  3. In eastern countries, woodcutting was very common - a method of engraving on wood, or an imprint on paper. This method of typography was already popular in the 7th century AD. er After three centuries, woodcuts became popular in China. In this way, many sacred texts of antiquity were printed.
  4. Telling interesting facts about books, it is impossible not to remember that the oldest book on the planet is the papyrus Priss. According to scientists, it was created as early as 3350 BC. er It describes the problems of the relationship between the younger and older generations. As you can see, this topic was relevant and interesting thousands of years ago.
  5. Notably, some of the scrolls were incredibly long. For example, the papyrus of Harris, whose length is about 45 meters, has survived to this day. For comparison, this is more than 4 standard wallpaper rolls.
  6. Conducting excavations in the territory of ancient Assyria, archaeologists have found many clay books. Their pages were square and were about an inch thick (2.6 cm).
  7. The position for today the largest book in the world is a collection of statements of famous people. It reaches almost 4 m in length and 3.5 m in height. Another big book is kept in one of the Netherlands museums.
  8. In the British Museum you can see the geographical atlas, weighing 320 kg.
  9. And here is another interesting fact about books. It turns out that the "British Parliamentary Documents", recorded in 1112 volumes, is the most voluminous publication in the world and weighs 3300 kg.
  10. The smallest books on the planet, in an amount of 12 pieces, can fit in one tablespoon.
  11. There is a very unusual copy of Dante's Divine Comedy, created by one monk on a sheet of paper measuring 80x60 cm. It seems amazing that on one sheet the scribe could hold the whole work. However, the most surprising thing is something else: if you look at a poem from a certain distance, you can see a map of Italy.
  12. Once the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius paid one poet 20,000 gold coins for his poem, consisting of the same number of lines. It turns out that each line was estimated by the emperor in one coin.
  13. One of the largest manuscripts was written in Armenian and was called "Sermons of the Mush Monastery". At the beginning of the 13th century, representatives of the Seljuq tribe abducted her. As a result, the Armenian peasants collected about 20 kg of silver and bought the book from the kidnappers. Today, this work can be seen in the Armenian book depository - Matendaran.
  14. In 1832 in England the book "Pantheon of English Heroes" was published. Its length was about 7 m, and its width was about 3.5 m. The size of the letters was more than 15 cm.
  15. In 1899 a unique copy of the poem "Eugene Onegin", timed to the 100th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin’s birth, was printed in Poland. The size of the pages was 28x18 mm. This miniature poem fit into a medallion with a reading glass attached to it.
  16. One of the smallest modern books has a size of 6.3 by 4.5 mm and consists of 34 pages. The book contains poems of the famous Omar Khayyam. An interesting fact is that its weight is less than 0.07 grams. However, not so long ago, some masters managed to create the smallest book in the world - “Chameleon” by A.P. Chekhov, measuring 0.9 × 0.9 mm. It consists of 30 pages with 11 lines and 3 color pictures. A microscope is required to see this work of art.
  17. The longest title in the history was in one English book. It consisted of 45 lines. In such an original way, its author betrayed the anathema of theater actors.
  18. Interestingly, the books were printed not only on paper, but also on such unusual materials as silk, rubber, satin, and even thinly rolled dough.
  19. Once in Spain printed newspapers with phosphorus letters. Thus, articles could be read even in the dark.
  20. In the 16th century, the term "devil of typos" appeared in use. It arose from the fact that in one of the church books many serious typos were discovered. As a result, publishers felt that only the devil could be the culprit of such a misunderstanding.
  21. An interesting fact is that in the works of Shakespeare the word "love" is found almost 100 times more often than "hate".
  22. The most common book in the world is the Bible. It seems incredible, but its total circulation exceeds 6 billion copies!
  23. The most popular writer is Agatha Christie. The circulation of her books exceeds 2 billion.
  24. During his life Lope de Vega wrote 1800 plays. In total, they contain more than 21 million lines.
  25. The largest dictionary is considered the "German dictionary", which was written for 117 years. It has 33 volumes, consisting of 33,519 pages.
  26. It is believed that the first book in Russia was the "Apostle", published by Ivan Fedorov. It was printed in 1564.
  27. In Brazil, an unusual book was published for one of the anniversaries of the capital. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that all pages were made not of paper, but of stainless steel. The book consists of 200 sheets.
  28. Interestingly, the “Universal Illustrated Euro-American Encyclopedia” is the largest encyclopedia. It consists of 104 volumes, 165 million words.
  29. The most popular literary character is Napoleon Bonaparte. According to literary critics, more than 10,000 different books were written about him. By the way, despite the fact that he was the cause of the Patriotic War of 1812, Napoleon always enjoyed particular popularity in Russia.
  30. Since books used to cost a lot of money, they were chained to shelves to protect themselves from theft.
  31. Biblikleptomany called those people who steal books. One of these people is Steven Bloomberg, who has stolen over 23,000 books from different libraries in his life. During the theft of a work, he used a variety of methods. Experts estimate his collection at approximately $ 20 million.
  32. An interesting fact is that, according to scientists, the majority of people who do not like this or that book stop reading it on the 18th page.
  33. Recently in Argentina came out an interesting format of the book. All the letters in it were printed with special ink, disappearing a couple of months after the initial opening of the book. According to the authors, this was done in order to encourage people to read regularly.
  34. The expression "bookworm" comes from an insect that eats the roots of books.
  35. Researchers have found that with fast reading, the human eye gets much less tired. Moreover, the digestibility of information with such a reading increases almost 2 times.
  36. Not so long ago, the company "Google" announced quite interesting information. According to her calculations, the total number of books written in the whole history of mankind exceeds 129 million.

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