Daria Belousova

Daria Belousova - Russian theater and film actress. The greatest popularity of her brought the painting "Fathers and Sons", "Mistress of the taiga" and "Disappeared."

Childhood and youth

Daria Vladimirovna Belousova was born on August 29, 1983 in Chisinau, but she lived almost all her life in Moscow. She grew up in a creative and educated family.

Her father, Vladimir Leonidovich, was an actor in the Lenkom Theater. Mother, Maria Ostapenko, worked as a choreographer. Dad often took his daughter to the theater, thanks to which she was able to attend rehearsals and communicate with famous actors.

When Daria was 12 years old, her father passed away. As a result, one mother was engaged in raising the girl.

An interesting fact is that the mother tried in every way to fence the daughter from the stage, because she did not want her to become an actress.

Nevertheless, Daria Belousova decided, by all means, to follow in her father’s footsteps. As a result, the mother retreated, and allowed her to get a theatrical education.

After graduating from high school, Belousova successfully passed the exams at the Schepkin Higher Theater School.

An interesting fact is that during the exam at the Moscow Art Theater School, its acting skills were criticized by the director Yevgeny Kamenkovich, with whom she later began to cooperate and receive many compliments from him.

After receiving a diploma, Daria became an actress "Contemporary".

The first performance in her creative biography was "The true story of Gauthier, nicknamed" The Lady of Camellias ", based on the novel by Alexander Dumas (son).


Currently Daria Belousova is actively acting in films, and also continues to play on the theater stage. Her film debut took place when she was barely 7 years old.

The girl starred in the film "The Tale of Belkin. The Undertaker", based on the work of Alexander Pushkin.

In 2002, Belousova starred in the television series "Willis" in the role of Zoe. After that, she appeared in the fantasy film "Captive of Time", in which the characters could move in time.

Then Daria participated in the filming of the popular comedy "Glyanets", in which it was about a girl who dreamed of becoming a model.

Daria Belousova in the TV series "Sweet Life"

In the period of biography 2008-2009. Belousova starred in such films as "Fathers and Sons", "Champion" and "Mistress of the Taiga." It is these works brought her the most popular.

In 2015, Daria was invited to the shooting of the 2nd season of the rating TV series “Sweet Life”. She managed to perfectly join the cast and transform the picture. The play of the actress was well received by critics and viewers of the series.

Personal life

Once in the Sovremennik Theater, Belousova became friends with Shamil Khamatov, who was the brother of popular actress Chulpan Khamatova. It was interesting for them to communicate with each other, as a result of which a romance began between them.

In 2010, Daria and Shamil decided to get married. Interestingly, they played two weddings: one in Tatarstan, where the groom was from, and the second in Moscow.

Shamil Khamatov and Daria Belousova

Together they lived for 8 years, after which they decided to leave.

Belousov has a weakness for overall cars. Not so long ago, she had her own SUV, in which she likes to drive on Moscow streets.

As for theatrical career, Daria still continues to perform on stage. An interesting fact is that before each appearance on the stage she necessarily touches her palm.

Periodically Belousova puts photos on social networks, so that her fans can follow the personal life of the actress.

Daria Belousova today

In 2017, Daria starred in the criminal detective story "Disappeared", where she got the negative role of Zoe. In the same year she appeared in the series "Alien happiness."

In 2018, Belousov was invited to play in the Russian horror film “The Creature,” in which she played a cameo role. Later she appeared in the thriller "I - Love", where one of the roles played and her former husband.

Daria Belousova still continues to act in different films and play on stage, so fans will see their favorite actress in new plays and films more than once.

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