Victoria Bogatyreva

Victoria Bogatyreva - Russian film actress. The most famous she brought such paintings as the "Former" and "Masha in law."

Childhood and youth

Victoria Bogatyreva was born on November 5, 1979 in Tbilisi. Her father was a soldier, and therefore the family often had to change their place of residence.

When the future actress studied in high school, she went to Moscow, where she graduated from high school.

After receiving a certificate, Victoria entered the metropolitan pedagogical university. At the same time she worked as a fashion model. After the girl starred in a frank photo shoot for the magazine "Playboy", she got a certain popularity.

Despite the fact that Bogatyreva had a lot of fans, she tried to avoid social events and entertainment in youth clubs. According to the actress, she didn’t like it when men started to molest her.

In addition, Victoria had rather cold relations with colleagues. She admitted that the more she communicated with the models, the more she realized her intellectual degradation.


In 2000, Victoria played a cameo role of the maid of honor in the musical "The Bremen Town Musicians and Co". Interestingly, this short role made the girl fall in love with theatrical art. She was delighted with what was happening on the set.

However, after graduating from high school, Bogatyreva chose to teach at school. However, she soon realized that this was not her vocation. After some deliberation, she firmly decided to pursue an acting career.

In 2001, Victoria played a cameo role in the miniseries "Next". After that, she starred in the films "Kulagin and partners" and "KGB in a tuxedo", still playing secondary characters.

Later Bogatyreva decided to enter the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography in order to get acting education and improve her qualifications.

Interestingly, after receiving a diploma, Victoria tried to get a job in a theater.

But wherever she came, the girl heard endless failures. As a result, the former model decided to try itself exclusively in the cinema.

In 2006, Bogatyreva appeared in the TV series "Carom" and "Medical Secrets". And although her roles were still minor, the actress’s play was noticed by many directors.

The following year, she was approved for the main role in the Ukrainian television series "Former".

After that, Victoria starred in the comedy "Masha in law" in the role of Nina. Then she was invited to star in such films as “Till She Is Beautiful”, “Hello, I Am Your Dad” and “My Mother Is Against”.

Personal life

During the filming of one of the series Bogatyreva met with actor Alexei Makarov. The guy gave her different tokens of attention and in every way tried to incline the girl to him.

However, Victoria was not going to start a serious relationship with anyone, since not so long ago she broke up with her boyfriend. At that time, her only passion was cinema.

When Makarov saw that his chosen one did not reciprocate his feelings, he started looking for meetings with her with great zeal. He gave her gifts, wrote love notes and invited to go on dates.

As a result, the guy managed to melt the heart of his beloved, after which they began to meet.

Victoria Bogatyreva and Alexey Makarov

Alexey and Victoria began to live in a civil marriage. In 2010, they had a girl Varvara. It seemed that the child should have rallied the acting couple even more, but everything turned out exactly the opposite.

When their daughter was 1 year old, they decided to leave. According to Bogatyreva, it was she who initiated the divorce.

Victoria Bogatyreva with her daughter

Once the actress admitted that it was difficult for her to live with Makarov, because he was very jealous and quick-tempered. In a fit of anger, he began to destroy everything that was around him.

Victoria Bogatyreva today

The position for today Victoria is not married to anyone. She is engaged in raising her daughter and continues to act in films. In 2017, she starred in the criminal mini-series "Line of Fire", in which she played Vika.

Bogatyreva has social media accounts, so fans can follow her personal life. Interestingly, in the "Instagram" she occasionally puts her photos from films that have not yet appeared on the screen.

Undoubtedly, in the future we will see Victoria Bogatyryova more than once in various projects as the main character.

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