Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin - American actor of Russian origin. For his short biography, he managed to leave a significant mark in the history of cinema.

So, here is a brief review of the biography of Anton Yelchin.

Biography of Anton Yelchin

Anton Viktorovich Yelchin was born on March 11, 1989 in St. Petersburg. He grew up and was raised in a Jewish family. His father, Viktor Yelchin, and his mother, Irina Grigorievna, are professional figure skaters.

Almost immediately after the birth of Anton, Yeltsin went to America. The family was forced to emigrate to another country due to the political and religious pressure that was exerted on them in the USSR.

Soon Yelchin Sr. began working as a figure skating coach, and his wife took up staging various ice shows.

Childhood and youth

As soon as Anton Yelchin began to walk, his parents began teaching him how to skate. However, they soon realized that the boy was not at all interested in such activities. Instead, he liked to play football with the local guys.

Later, Anton Yelchin seriously became interested in playing the guitar. He loved this instrument so much that he could play for hours. According to him, music helped him to find harmony with the outside world. In particular, Anton liked the blues.

When Yelchin was 18 years old, he successfully passed the exams at the University of Southern California, where he studied cinematography.

Anton Yelchin in childhood


Since Anton Yelchin refused to follow in the footsteps of his parents, he decided to become a film actor. An interesting fact is that at the end of the 90s the young man passed the casting for the role of Harry Potter, but failed. As it turned out, only the native Englishman could get the role of a wizard.

Yelchin was on the big screen when he was only 10 years old. He was entrusted to play small roles in the films "First Aid" and "New York Police". After 2 years, he played one of the key characters in the movie "Hearts in Atlantis."

An interesting fact is that the world famous actor Anthony Hopkins, who starred in this drama, was impressed with Anton’s play. Later, he presented the young man with a Stanislavsky book, where he wrote the following phrase on the title page: “You should not read this anymore!”.

Yelchin was pleasantly surprised at how highly such a master of Hopkins appreciated his talent.

Later, Anton took part in the filming of Dr. Huff, where he could masterfully transform into the son of a psychiatrist. He so truthfully conveyed the feelings of his character that he was awarded the "Most Sensitive Actor in the World" award.

In 2005, the authoritative publication "Hollywood Life" recognized Anton Yelchin as the brightest young actor of the year. Soon the screens out the thriller "Cruel Men", where he got one of the main roles.

Anton again was able to prove his acting skills. This picture has brought him great popularity and many positive reviews, both from film critics and from famous Hollywood artists.

Anton Yelchin with parents

Then, Yelchin’s creative biography was replenished with such films as “Alpha Dog”, “Tricks in College” and “Halfway to Nowhere”, where he got the main roles.

In 2007, during the filming of the film "You and I" Anton visited St. Petersburg. And although the city where he was born, struck the imagination of the actor, he did not want to remain in it.

In 2011, the premiere of the drama "How Crazy" took place, where Anton Yelchin again had the main role. The film showed the romantic relationships of young people whom life has divorced for many years.

An interesting fact is that the picture was taken with a digital camera, and its budget did not exceed a quarter of a million dollars. However, the tape won the grand prix and a special jury prize.

Anton Yelchin had a model appearance, as a result of which different photographers and fashion designers offered him cooperation. As a result, in 2012, his photo appeared in the magazine "Interview". After that, the guy participated in several more photo shoots for different publishers.

A year before his death in 2016, Anton Yelchin starred in 7 films. The most popular of them were the Green Room and the Experimenter.

An interesting fact is that in the last work it was told about the curious psychological experiment of Stanley Milgram. This scientist has proven in practice how much suffering people can inflict on others if it is their responsibility.

In 2016, the film "Porto" with Yelchin was released. In the drama, the actor played Jake Cleeman, who fell in love with French Mati. In 2017, after the death of Anton, a film with the participation of "Purebred".

Personal life

Having become a Hollywood star, Anton Yelchin began to live separately from his parents, although he regularly came to visit them. An interesting fact is that the guy spoke with his father and mother in Russian. Moreover, he liked to read the works of Russian writers in the original language.

However, Yelchin never hid the fact that his parents made the right choice when they decided to emigrate to the USA. It is in this country that all members of the family were able to realize their full potential.

Not much is known about Anton’s personal life. In 2012, he met with Christina Ricci, but later their feelings for each other cooled.

Anton Yelchin and Christina Ricci

After that, the press reported that the actor allegedly had novels with film actresses Imogen Puts, Mika Burem and Lindsay Lohan. However, whether this is true is difficult to say.


Anton Viktorovich Yelchin died on June 19, 2016 as a result of the accident. The body of the artist was found near his house. Investigators found that Anton was crushed by his SUV brand "Jeep Grand Cherokee", which he forgot to put on the emergency brake.

The guy was caught between the bumper of an SUV and a stone column. The cause of his death was suffocation.

Yelchin, who died at the age of 27, was buried in the Hollywood Forever cemetery (Los Angeles).

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