Vlad Topalov

Vlad Topalov - Russian pop singer and ex-vocalist of the group "Smash !!". The most famous songs in his biography are "For love", "You will come" and "Dream".

So, before you is the biography of Vlad Topalov.

Biography of Vlad Topalov

Vladislav Mikhailovich Topalov was born on October 25, 1985 in Moscow. His father, Mikhail Genrikhovich, had his own law firm and maintained good relations with many pop stars.

An interesting fact is that prior to his marriage Topalov Sr. was a member of the rock band "The Fourth Dimension". In addition, he is a leading specialist of the state project "Space for All".

Vlad's mother, Tatyana Anatolyevna, worked as a historian. Later the girl Alina was born in the Topalovs family.

Childhood and youth

At an early age, Vlad Topalov learned to play the violin. Soon the parents sent both children to the Fidgets children's vocal ensemble.

Together with this team, Topalov performed in different cities of Russia, as well as abroad. Little vocalists became the winners of many festivals, including the Morning Post.

During this period, the biography of Vlad Topalov was “in the same boat” with Yulia Malinovskaya, Elena Katina and Yulia Volkova. All these girls will become popular artists in the future.

Vlad Topalov in childhood (bottom row, left)

When Topalov was 9 years old, he was sent to study at an English college for 3 years. Then he returned home, where he continued his studies at a local school with intensive study of foreign languages. In 2000, his parents decided to divorce.

In 2006, Vlad Topalov graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities, having mastered the legal profession.


In 2000, in honor of the 10th anniversary of the formation of "Fidget", an album with the best songs of the group was released. Among the performers were Vlad Topalov and Sergey Lazarev. At the same time, the boys recorded several tracks in a duet. Among the songs was the famous hit "Belle". All this was the impetus for the emergence of the group "Smash !!".

In 2002, the duet of Topalov and Lazarev took 1st place at the festival "New Wave". After that, the guys will present a video for the song "Should have loved you more". Later, their first album "Freeway", which had a staggering popularity, appears.

Vlad Topalov and Sergey Lazarev

2004 "Smash !!" released the 2nd disc "2nite", after which Sergey Lazarev decided to pursue a solo career. Initially, the producers wanted to find a replacement for the departed vocalist, but Vlad Topalov did not want to cooperate with other artists. Thus, the super popular duet ceased to exist.

Solo career

After the collapse of the band, Topalov also began a solo career. In 2006, he announced the recording of his album "Lone Star", which featured such hits as "The Dream", "Who are you?" and "For love."

Later Vlad presented the 2nd solo disc "Let the heart decide." An interesting fact is that some of his songs were recorded in the USA. In parallel with this, the musician publishes the disc "I Will Give It All To You", where only English-language compositions are present.

In addition, Topalov periodically played theatrical scenes. In 2010, he participated in the play "Result in Face", which was a success in different countries. Later, the actor starred in the films "Inadequate People" and "Deffchonki".

In 2014, Topalov released the radio release "Without brakes", and a year later, fans heard his new track "Let go". At the same time, he actively shot clips, which currently number about 30 pieces.

In 2017, Vlad Topalov first performed the song "Got Me Out", after which he shot a video for her. It talked about the difficult relationship between spouses.

Personal life

Topalov's first girlfriend was his ex-colleague in Fidget Yulia Volkova. They repeatedly parted and met again. In this regard, his beloved had time to get pregnant from another man. And although in 2006 the artists planned to get married, it never came to a wedding.

Vlad Topalov and Yulia Volkova

After that, Vlad began to care for Olga Rudenko, who was the director of Sergey Lazarev. However, this novel did not lead to anything.

In 2015, Topalov legalized relations with the millionaire's daughter, Xenia Danilina. Having lived together for about two years, the couple realized that they were completely unsuitable for each other. As a result, Vlad and Olga decided to leave. It is worth noting that they remained in good relations.

Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko

In 2018, Topalov met Regina Todorenko, with whom he led the entertainment program "Heads and Tins". Soon they began to show interest in each other. At the same time, Vlad and Regina tried not to make their relationship public.

Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko got engaged

In the fall of 2018, young people got married. Later they had a boy Michael. Since both spouses have their social media accounts, fans were able to see photos of a happy couple along with their firstborn.

Vlad Topalov today

Today, Topalov continues to perform on stage and tour the various cities. He can often be seen at various secular parties in a circle of famous personalities.

On his page in Instagram, about which about half a million people have subscribed, Vlad Topalov constantly uploads fresh photos and videos. The guy often performs his and other people's songs with a guitar.

Since Topalov is still young and full of energy, he will once again please fans with new songs and projects.

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