Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova - Russian TV presenter, singer, actress, writer, ex-participant, and later the host of the TV show "Dom-2". In 2008 she was confirmed as the chief editor of the publication “World of reality show. House-2”.

Today, many people are interested in the features of her biography, since she is one of the key figures in show business in Russia.

So, before you is a short biography of Olga Buzova.

Biography of Olga Buzova

Olga Igorevna Buzova was born on January 20, 1986 in St. Petersburg. She grew up and was raised in a simple family.

Her father Igor Dmitrievich was a military man, and his mother Irina Aleksandrovna worked as a dentist. In addition to the future artist, a girl Anna was born in the Buzov family.

Childhood and youth

From an early age, Olga began to show good learning abilities. By the age of 3 she began to read and write letters, and soon began to master English.

Olga Buzova in childhood

For this reason, Buzova went to school at the age of 5 years. She was a diligent student and received high marks in all disciplines.

At the age of 13, Olga Buzova worked in a children's camp as a camp counselor, and after 2 years she began working with a model agency.

In 2002, she graduated from school with a silver medal and began to think about her future profession.

As a result, Buzova entered the Faculty of Geography of St. Petersburg State University, which she graduated with a red diploma in 2008. While studying at the university, she was seriously interested in show business.

"House 2"

Olga Buzova appeared on the reality show "Dom-2" in 2004 and stayed there for 4 years. And although the parents did not like the fact that their daughter was participating in the famous TV project, they could not do anything about it.

Soon, Buzova developed a relationship with Roman Tretyakov, who later began to call her "Buzenyshem". Their romance lasted about 2 years. In 2005, Olga and her boyfriend began to conduct an entertainment program "Roman with Buzova".

Olga Buzova and Roman Tretyakov

In 2006, Tretyakov declared that he was tired of being on the project, in connection with which he decided to quit everything and start life from scratch. The guy rented an apartment in Moscow and wanted Olga to join him. However, the girl was not going to leave the media space, so their romance fell apart.

An interesting fact is that in 2007 in the Moscow museum of wax figures 2 copies were presented - Buzova and Tretyakov. This honor was given to young people because the audience recognized them as the most popular pair of "House 2".

After Roman, Olga Buzova met with Stas Karimov and Alessandro Materazzo. However, at the end of 2008, she announced that she wanted to leave the project. Soon the producers offered the girl to become a co-host of a reality show, which was then led by Ksenia Borodina and Ksenia Sobchak.

Buzovoy managed to perfectly cope with their new responsibilities. Later, she was entrusted with the post of chief editor of the magazine "Dom-2".


Having received even greater popularity, Olga Buzova showed interest in writing. This led to the fact that later she published 2 books - "The Case of the Hairpin. Tips of a Stylish Blonde" and "Roman with Buzova".

Then Buzova tried herself as a singer. Her songs were popular and played on radio stations. The song "Do not forget" was performed in a duet with rapper T-killah. Later on the song was shot clip.

At the same time, Olga participated in various rating programs, such as "Let's get married", "Comedy Battle" and "Dancing with the Stars". She also managed to appear in youth films, where she was entrusted with episodic roles. Later, the actress also played on the stage in the production of "Honeymoon".

In 2016, Buzova participated in the shooting of the comedy "Take a Shot, Baby!" and the TV series "Poor people." At the same time, she published the next book, The Price of Happiness.

Then Olga Buzova gained fame and as a designer. Her collection of clothes was shown at Estet fashion week. An interesting fact is that creating this line of clothes, Olga worked closely with the Italian brand "C & C". The situation for today, she and her sister holds a network of jewelry stores "Bijoux Room".

Personal life

For a long time, the personal life of Buzova was built at the sight of cameras. After she became the leading “House 2 ″, she began an affair with Russian football player Dmitry Tarasov.

An interesting fact is that at that moment the guy was married and raised a daughter.

Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova

For this reason, a lot of criticism was addressed to Olga. She was accused of destroying her family. It is worth noting that Tarasov strongly defended Buzov. He publicly stated that when he began dating a girl, his relationship with his wife was in a divorce stage.

As a result, in the summer of 2012, young people legalized their relationship. Olga valued her husband so much that she refused to participate in a number of projects. She wanted to be the perfect wife and keeper of the family hearth.

However, their marriage lasted only 4 years and ended with a scandal associated with the division of property. After the divorce, Dmitry married Anastasia Kostenko - Vice-Miss Russia-2014.

Parting with her husband was a real test for Olga Buzova. In an interview, she could not hold back tears and constantly talked about the betrayal of her husband. However, over time, the girl pulled herself together and began life from scratch.

Olga repainted from a blonde to a brunette and became very thin, due to which she had the perfect figure. The press also actively discussed the topic of plastics. Many have noticed that Buzovaya has changed the shape of her lips and nose, which made her even more attractive.

Buzova before and after plastic surgery

Olga continued to record new songs and shoot videos. In addition, she has successfully toured various cities, performing her own compositions. In 2017, her first album, To the Sound of Kisses, was released.

In the same year, the famous pop singer Svetlana Loboda criticized the work of Buzova in a tough form. She said that only very narrow-minded people can listen to the music of the singer. In turn, Olga defended her fans and asked Loboda to keep her opinions to herself.

Olga Buzova today

In 2018, Buzova sued Andrei Skorokhod, a resident of the Comedy Club, who, according to Olga, insulted and humiliated her during the performance. It is interesting that Timur Batrutdinov turned out to be on the side of the artist, who helped to resolve this situation.

Later, Buzova announced the release of her own cryptocurrency - "Buzcoin". Then she opened a restaurant in the center of the capital - "Buz FOOD". And although her work and creative activities flourished, on the personal front, the girl was not so simple.

In the summer of 2018, a new TV project “Marry Buzov” started on Russian TV. According to the program rules, Olga had to choose a boy from 15 candidates. At the same time, she admitted that she takes the project very seriously and really wants to find her other half.

It seemed to the viewers that the director of the cheese factory Denis Lebedev, who won the program, became Olga’s choice. However, everything turned out to be wrong. The singer said that she could not build a serious relationship with a person if she constantly deceives her and uses her for mercenary purposes.

Olga Buzova pays great attention to Instagram, where she regularly uploads her photos. Today, the number of its subscribers exceeds 15 million.

It is interesting that in some photos the girl holds an open palm, squeezing the ring finger and little finger. As it turned out, she thus depicts the letter "L", stating that love rules the world.

Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina

In the fall of 2018, the release of Buzovoy's album “Take Me” was announced, which included 14 songs. Later on the song of the same name was shot clip.

Today Olga Buzova is one of the most popular media people, so fans will see her more than once in the rating TV projects and hear the new songs of the singer.

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