Topics to talk with a girl

Topics to talk with a girl can be very different, and this should be a natural and relaxed process. But (as it may seem surprising) the demand for such topics is very high, which, in fact, prompted us to write this article.

In general, the main thing is to understand what things interest the girl most of all. However, in order to take her seriously to her, it is necessary not only to have a good conversation, but always to remain sincere and simple with her.

Next we look at the most popular topics for talking with girls.


You can start with the question: "And how long have you been in the cinema?". Thanks to this, you will not only find out when she went to the cinema for the last time, but also be able to invite her to the next premiere.

In addition, the girl will be happy to tell about her favorite movies, after which your conversation will become more relaxed.


Tell your darling about your hobbies. For example, you like skating or collecting coins. In the first case, you can invite a girl to the rink. And if she says she can't skate, it's even better - promise to teach her.

In the second case, you can tell the girl an interesting story about a coin and invite her to see your collection with your own eyes. After this, topics for conversation will arise by themselves.


If a girl likes to read, then in this case you can find out which works or writers she likes the most. If necessary, share your impressions about the books.

However, remember that if your chosen one appreciates literature, then you should not talk about it in a negative light.

Museums, memorable places

Each city has its own attractions, whether natural or architectural monuments. Think which ones you would like to visit with a girl.

Try as much as possible to explore the places or objects of art that you would be able to tell her about. Thanks to this, you can show off your intellect and make a wonderful impression on your chosen one.

Bad habits

An excellent topic for talking with a girl can be "cute" bad habits. For example, you can tell how you are constantly late for study or work, often break circles, say the wrong words, etc. The main thing is to make your stories fun and positive.


It would be quite nice to discuss the cost of any items or services, especially if the topic is about something interesting. After that you can say for example: "By the way, I bought 2 movie tickets here at a discount, do you want to make a company?".

The question asked in such a manner will not make the girl embarrassed, and the likelihood that she will agree will increase significantly.


The topic of food and everything connected with it may be of interest to many representatives of the weaker sex. And if you realize that the girl likes to cook, then soon she will be talking about various "tasty" stories. Such a conversation will help you get closer and find many other interesting topics.

Travel and walking

Tell the girl about the places where you managed to go in life. After that, ask what kind of holiday your darling prefers. After learning about this, try to develop this topic as much as possible.

Work and study

Share in a conversation with a girl a few funny situations that have happened to you to study or work. Then ask about similar cases that occurred in her life. Surely every lady will find a lot of interesting stories from this area.

Cars, transport

Find out if a girl is driving a car or at least she has such a desire. What types of transport does she like best? If necessary, connect the humor. Ask, for example, she would like to ride on a tank or sit at the helm of a fighter.


What are you planning to do on the weekend? Whatever the answer, it should not be criticized. Your task is to keep the conversation going and share your views on the rest.


To begin with, it is wise to understand what kind of sport your passion likes. Only after that it is necessary to develop any topic and of course do not forget to listen to the opinion of the girl. You can talk about famous athletes, recent matches, records and other things.

From sport to health

If a girl likes to lead a healthy lifestyle, you can offer her joint runs, cycling, swimming in the pool, etc. However, it is important to make sure that she really is a fan of the sport, and not just doing you a favor.


Find out the girl's attitude to religion. Does she believe in God and that we are all His creatures? This topic of conversation can relate to a variety of areas.

In addition, your interlocutor will appreciate the fact that you are not just chatting about anything, but rather striving to reflect on higher matters.


Having come from afar, you can ask the girl what the perfect guy should be in her presentation. Thus, you will learn about her tastes, and also understand what qualities in a person are most important for her.

Just do not "climb into the soul," trying to find out more information about her past. Then it is appropriate to share your opinion on this issue.


Brothers and sisters, close relatives and just familiar children can be a good topic for a conversation with a girl. Each of you will remember many curiosities or funny phrases heard from children. And if your lady is a mother, this conversation can take a long time.

Gifts, Leisure

What kind of gifts does she like best? What is the most interesting vacation? What do you need for happiness? Such questions will help you to know the essence of a person and what is more valuable to him. There will be no problems with the topic of conversation. Also do not forget to tell about your preferences.


Always praise the girl for her appearance, because they are especially pleased to hear from men. Say that she is beautiful in any clothes. If it is appropriate - tell me that you are not able to choose clothes for yourself as exquisitely as she does.


It is very difficult to meet a girl who would not like pets. Therefore, this topic of conversation for a girl will be a win-win. Share with the lady which animals, birds or sea creatures you like and why. Soon you will see how easy and relaxed your conversation will be.