Mysteries of the human brain

10 main mysteries of the human brain, which we now tell, can shed light on many interesting features of our consciousness. If you are interested in self-development and everything related to personal development, this article is for you.

So, before you are 10 main mysteries and secrets of the human brain.

Mysteries of the human brain

  1. Dreaming

The situation for today, scientists can not come to a consensus on what consists of dreams. Dreams still remain one of the main secrets of the human brain.

According to one version, they can contribute to the mobility of synapses between brain cells. In another opinion, people dream of any tasks that they did not have time to do during the day. However, all scientists recognize that a person can only dream in deep slumber.

  1. Sleep

None of the mammals can not do without sleep. For a full life, a person needs to sleep 7-8 hours a day.

Otherwise, lack of sleep can lead to insomnia, mood swings, dizziness, constant fatigue and even death.

There are 2 phases of sleep:

  • 1 phase - the eyes begin to move slowly;
  • Phase 2 - the human brain becomes as active as possible. This phase is characterized by rapid eye movements.

Experts suggest that during the 1st phase, our body relaxes and saves energy. But in the process of the 2nd phase the memory starts to be activated. However, all these theories still remain unproven, and therefore sleep is also a mystery of the brain.

  1. Ghostly feelings

In the course of numerous studies, scientists have proven that over 80% of people with amputated limbs are able to experience different feelings. They may feel phantom pains, cold, trembling, pressure, and other supposed sensations by those parts of the body that they lack.

Experts suggest that the nerve endings on the amputated limb create new connections with the spinal cord. This leads to the fact that the impulses begin to flow into the brain and it seems to a person that he is really experiencing certain feelings.

According to another version, information about all parts of the body is stored in our brain, as a result of which it continues to send signals even to the missing arm or leg.

  1. Control center

In the hypothalamus of the brain is the suprachiasmatic nucleus or the so-called biological clock, forcing our body to adhere to the 24-hour rhythm of life. They have a direct effect on digestion, body temperature, pressure and hormone production.

Recent studies have confirmed that light intensity can “translate” a biological clock forward or backward with the help of the hormone melatonin. This phenomenon belongs to one of the 10 major mysteries of the human brain.

  1. Memories

Certain events we can save for life. For example, it’s not difficult for us to remember a hug from a loved one or to remember the first kiss. But how do we manage to recreate the memories?

After conducting a series of experiments, specialists discovered that the hippocampus located in the human brain can be a kind of repository of memories. However, they can be both positive and negative.

  1. Brain puzzles

An interesting fact is that laughter is the least studied reaction of people. That is why he was among the main secrets of the brain. Scientists have proved that in the process of laughter in the brain 3 departments are activated at once:

  • the part of the brain responsible for understanding the joke;
  • the department that activates the muscles of the body;
  • the emotional part, through which we enjoy the process of laughter itself.

However, experts still can not understand the reason why one can laugh at a joke, which another does not seem completely funny.

  1. Inherited or Acquired

Modern science is not yet in a position to say what affects our consciousness most of all: nature, genetics, or society. Although, perhaps, we are under the influence of all these factors.

One says: "I was born that way - you can’t redo me." At the same time, he himself suffers from his character, and torments those around him.

Another replies to him: "I, too, by nature are hot-tempered, but many years of work on myself made me restrained and calm."

Which of them is right is hard to say, but life shows that as the brain is set up, it will act in the same way. This is his mystery.

  1. Mystery of death

For some, eternal life seems to be something unreal, while for others this statement is completely logical and reasonable. Today, scientists can not explain the cause of aging.

Initially, a person is born strong and healthy, but toward the end of his life, he becomes weaker and more helpless.

There are 2 main versions regarding aging:

  • it is considered part of human natural genetics;
  • aging has no purpose, for it is the result of cellular destruction.

One way or another, but no one has yet succeeded in checking whether a person’s life continues (in some other dimensions) after biological death.

  1. Deep freeze

Today cryonics is very popular, which allegedly can give a person a second life. In special medical centers are frozen bodies stored in liquid nitrogen (-320 degrees Fahrenheit).

The main idea is that if a person acquires any currently incurable disease, he can theoretically get rid of it later, when the treatment is found. A person will be thawed and cured of a serious illness.

It should be noted that cryonics should be treated very carefully, since no body has yet been able to "defrost" and "revive". An interesting fact is that if the body is not stored at an appropriate temperature, the cells can simply freeze and crumble into pieces.

  1. Consciousness

Consciousness can rightly be attributed to one of the main mysteries of the human brain. When we wake up, we can understand that the sun has recently risen, and birds are chirping in the yard.

In addition, we manage to feel joy when we hear familiar sounds or smells. Scientists are not yet able to explain how and why all this happens.

It is curious that not so long ago, neuroscientists decided to accept human consciousness as a proven fact. The most difficult is the explanation of how the process occurring in the brain causes people to have certain feelings. The situation today experts still have more questions than answers.

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