Interesting facts about Rasputin

Interesting facts about Rasputin will allow you to look at this historical person from different sides. Some considered him an "Old Man" and "God's Man", while others called him the "Holy Devil." Next we look at the most interesting facts from the life of Grigory Rasputin.

16 interesting facts about Rasputin

  1. When the member of the cult group "Boney M" Bobby Farrell performed the song "Rasputin", he often appeared before the audience in the form of the hero of the song. An interesting fact is that Bobby died in St. Petersburg on December 30 - on the same day and in the same city where Grigory Rasputin himself was shot dead.
  2. The official year of birth of Rasputin is considered to be 1869, but in fact it may not correspond to reality. Various sources include dates from 1864 to 1872. In an effort to exaggerate his age, to be more like a "old man", Gregory deliberately "throwing" extra years on himself.
  3. The surname "Rasputin" takes its origin not from the concept of "debauchery", but from the words "thaw" or "crossroads".
  4. With the Bolsheviks coming to power, a group of workers removed Rasputin’s body from the grave, wanting to burn Nikolai 2’s “family friend” at the stake. When the deceased was in flames, he allegedly sat in the fire, causing horror among the nearby proletarians. Such a phenomenon could well have happened: from the high temperature, the tendons of a corpse could be reduced by bending the body in the lumbar region and legs at the knees.
  5. An interesting fact is that in his youth Rasputin visited many holy places, including Mount Athos and Jerusalem.
  6. After his pilgrimage, Grigory Rasputin arrived in Petersburg, where he began to make acquaintances with prominent clergymen. After that, they began to talk about him as "God's man."
  7. With the Romanov family, Rasputin introduced the daughter of a Montenegrin nobleman.
  8. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna was extremely attached to the "old man". This was largely due to the fact that he helped Tsarevich Alexei fight hemophilia, a disease in which blood does not clot. It is curious that as soon as Rasputin took the boy in his arms, he immediately became better.
  9. Over time, Grigory Efimovich changed his last name to “Rasputin-Novykh”, because he complained that many of the namesakes of his family were the inhabitants of the village in which he was born.
  10. When Rasputin came to his village for a time, a large number of women flocked to him. For this reason, the church accused him of debauchery and of healing without a diploma. However, the church could not prove its correctness.
  11. The synod warned Nicholas 2 about the destructive influence of Rasputin and advised the king to stop communicating with him. After the "old man" had a fight with the bishop, he chose to go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
  12. During his lifetime, Grigory Rasputin published 2 books, in which his prophecies were also. And although many of his prophecies looked ridiculous, at the same time there were those that came true. So he wrote that the well-being of the crowned family will continue only as long as he is alive.
  13. Thanks to the efforts of Rasputin, the First World War (1914-1918) began 2 years later than it could. He persuaded the king not to intervene in the conflict in the Balkans, suggesting that war would bring much sorrow to ordinary people.
  14. An interesting fact is that in 1914 the first attempt was made on Grigori Rasputin. He was stabbed in the stomach by a certain Khioniya Guseva. However, he still managed to survive.
  15. Rasputin was brutally murdered on the night of December 30 in the St. Petersburg Yusupov Palace. According to the official version, the killers initially fed the saint with poisoned cakes, but for some reason the poison did not work. Then at least 3 times they shot Grigory Yefimovich, beat him, shook him in blue fabric and threw him into the Neva.
  16. The investigation into the murder of Rasputin lasted more than 2.5 months. But after the abdication of Nicholas 2 from the throne, the case was closed, and the investigator was sent under arrest.

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