Interesting facts about Maxim Gorky

Interesting facts about Maxim Gorky - this is a brilliant opportunity to better know the personality of our hero in a short period of time. Gorky is one of the most prominent Soviet writers. And although some of his books were ambiguously perceived by the authorities, they brought him worldwide recognition and fame.

17 interesting facts about Maxim Gorky

  1. The real name of Maxim Gorky is Alexey Peshkov.
  2. Did you know that the writer was nominated 5 times for the Nobel Prize, but he could not become its owner.
  3. Despite the fact that Gorky was a supporter of the Bolsheviks, he was skeptical about the October Revolution. Throughout his life, he sought to help prisoners and sentenced to death "enemies of the people."
  4. An interesting fact is that Maxim Gorky was the most published writer in the USSR. The total circulation of his books has exceeded 240 million. If we consider domestic writers as a whole, then only Alexander Pushkin and Leo Tolstoy are ahead in the number of Gorky's published works.
  5. From 1932 to 1990, Nizhny Novgorod was called “Gorky”.
  6. It is curious that although the writer lived in Italy for 15 years, he could not master the Italian language, however, like any other language.
  7. At the age of 3, Gorky fell ill with cholera. His father Maxim Savvatyevich managed to leave his son. However, during the treatment of his son, he caught cholera and soon died.
  8. When the future writer turned 11 years old, he became orphaned since his mother passed away from consumption. As a result, his grandmother was engaged in raising the boy.
  9. In 1902, Maxim Gorky was awarded the title of honorary academician, which Nicholas 2 did not like. For this reason, the king ordered that the writer be deprived of this title, since he had problems with the law. In protest, together with Gorky, Korolenko and Chekhov left the academy.
  10. An interesting fact is that the first wife of Maxim Gorky was the birth daughter of a midwife, who once helped to create the writer himself.
  11. In his youth, Gorky managed to work as a baker, and also served in the store and on the motor ship. Sometimes, in order not to die of starvation, he had to steal firewood and beg along the street.
  12. Did you know that in his youth, Maxim Gorky was so passionate about the ideas of Leo Tolstoy that he was going to establish a peasant society that would live by the principles of tolstovstvo?
  13. As a child, Gorky was among the difficult adolescents. In addition, classmates complained that he "smelled of garbage." In connection with this, the annoyed young man had to leave school and remain without a certificate.
  14. An interesting fact is that although Maxim Gorky was a very erudite and well-read man, he wrote with mistakes up to the age of 30. The benefit of his wife Catherine was a proofreader, so she carefully edited all the works of her husband.
  15. At the age of 19, Gorky tried to end his life with a shot in the chest because he could not go to university. However, the bullet stuck in the lung, and he survived. While in hospital, he made a second suicide attempt. This time he drank a poisonous liquid, but after the doctors washed his stomach, he survived again.
  16. Due to the fact that Maxim Gorky refused to repent of 2 suicide attempts, he was excommunicated for 4 years. It is curious that later specialists who studied the works of the writer stated that he suffered from several mental diseases at once.
  17. From an early age he enjoyed the pleasure of watching the fire for a long time.

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