Interesting facts about Tchaikovsky

Interesting facts about Tchaikovsky affected all aspects of the life of the great Russian composer. Today his works are performed in all conservatories of the world. Below we consider the most interesting facts from the life of Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

16 interesting facts about Tchaikovsky

  1. Over the years of his biography, Tchaikovsky wrote 10 operas, 3 ballets, 7 symphonies and 104 romances.
  2. Before becoming a famous musician, he worked for some time at the Ministry of Justice.
  3. For the first time Peter Tchaikovsky became interested in music at the age of 4 years.
  4. An interesting fact is that initially the composer was shy of his own voice, since in his opinion he was "creaky and unpleasant."
  5. Obviously the love of music Tchaikovsky passed from his parents. His mother often sang and played the piano, and his father simply liked classical music. The head of the family even bought a mechanical body.
  6. It is curious that Tchaikovsky considered himself an unimportant pianist.
  7. The greatest popularity of the composer brought the work "Swan Lake". An interesting fact is that at first the audience did not appreciate it in connection with a complex musical composition. And the musicians themselves were not delighted with the ballet, as it was too complicated.
  8. In 1885, large-scale fires broke out in Klin near Moscow. When Tchaikovsky settled in this area, he personally took part in the struggle against the elements, along with many volunteers.
  9. There is a case when during the performance of Tchaikovsky's works, Leo Tolstoy broke down and wept. When the composer saw this scene, he called it the highest recognition of his work.
  10. An interesting fact is that Tchaikovsky’s marriage with Antonina Milyukova, his student, was terminated in a few weeks.
  11. Peter Ilyich admitted to his brother that he had married a girl solely to save himself from accusations of homosexuality.
  12. In his youth, Tchaikovsky stole a book from a Venetian library.
  13. The great Russian writer Anton Chekhov dedicated a compilation of short stories to the composer called "Gloomy People".
  14. For some reason, Pyotr Tchaikovsky destroyed 2 out of 20 of his own operas - "Undine" and "Voevod". From the last survived only a small fragment.
  15. An interesting fact is that Tchaikovsky publicly condemned those compatriots who did not feel love for Russia.
  16. Pyotr Ilyich was not only a composer, but also a teacher, conductor and music critic.

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