Interesting facts about Venice

Interesting facts about Venice will tell you about the history of this picturesque city. For a long time, Venice has been a real jewel of Italy. Many tourists come here to see old buildings, visit museums, and also ride the legendary gondolas through the city canals.

24 interesting facts about Venice

  1. The historic center of Venice is located on 118 islands separated by 150 channels.
  2. About 400 bridges were built in Venice, some of which are almost 500 years old.
  3. An interesting fact is that exactly 425 gondolas always float in the city - no more, no less. This decision was made by the association of gondoliers. Although the work of gondoliers is not easy, it is very well paid. As a result, you can only purchase a license for a gondolier for big money.
  4. Each gondola is 11 m long and 140 cm wide. It houses seven people, including a gondolier.
  5. Did you know that all sewage in Venice “flows” directly into the canals? That is why in the hot season, it smells far from roses.
  6. In November and December, the water level in the city rises, flooding even larger areas. As a consequence, at this time it is recommended to refrain from traveling to Venice.
  7. Mestre is a small suburb of Venice located on the mainland.
  8. In Venice, it is quite difficult to find a toilet. In this case, the cost of visiting the booth will cost you 2 euros.
  9. Since there are practically no roads in the city, here you will not see any land transport. But then there are water buses, where you can get to any part of Venice.
  10. As a rule, the license of the gondolier is inherited.
  11. An interesting fact is that the first female gondolier appeared here only in 2009.
  12. Venice is considered the most expensive city. In this indicator, it is ahead of even the Italian capital - Rome.
  13. Analogues to fire engines here are fireboats. At the same time, firefighters are prohibited from using sea water to extinguish, because it destroys buildings.
  14. Few people know the fact that Venezuela is named after Venice. And all because the Indian houses built on wooden stilts reminded Venice of the founders of the country.
  15. Despite all the efforts of architects, every year Venice is increasingly submerged. According to experts, after a decade the city will be uninhabitable, and after a hundred years it will be completely flooded.
  16. Many Venetian houses were built on stilts of Siberian larch. It turns out that this type of wood can not spoil in salt water for a long time.
  17. In Venice, there is only one cemetery. Every 7 years, the remains of the dead are removed from the graves and placed in a special columbarium. This allows you to free up space in the cemetery.
  18. Every year about 17 million tourists come to Venice, which is almost 65 times more than the number of the city’s population.
  19. The longest Venetian canal is the Grand Canal, 4 km long.
  20. An interesting fact is that the famous traveler Marco Polo was born in Venice.
  21. For adults, riding a bike is strictly prohibited.
  22. Medieval Venetians preferred to wear white hair. Since the paints were not yet produced, the women brightened their hair with horse urine.
  23. The world famous church of Santa Maria della Salute is worth approximately 100,000 stilts. In total, about 1 million wooden beams were involved in its construction.
  24. In the 17th century, more than a third of the entire population of Venice died of plague.

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