Ilya Bachurin

Ilya Bachurin - producer of movies, TV shows, events. The general director of the production company "Clever". Creative Producer WFMS 2017, co-owner and CEO GLAVKINO, vice president of ceremonies of the ANO "Sochi 2014", vice president of MTV Russia, director of music broadcasting Channel One. Childhood and youth Ilya Viktorovich Bachurin was born on May 29, 1970 in Moscow.

Photo Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous footballers in the world. It was he, along with Lionel Messi, made from football not just a game, but some kind of incredible sight. On the life of Cristiano Ronaldo and his sports career, we have already described in detail. In this post, we have collected his best photos. And we tried to make a unique selection, so that Ronaldo’s fans would be interested to watch it.

What can be cooked from meat

Every housewife sooner or later wonders: what would make such a tasty meat cook? And there are so many options that it is difficult to choose something concrete. That is why we offer you a wonderful selection of recipes for meat dishes that have passed the test of time and still remain favorite dishes in many families.

Speech by Khrushchev

The video of Khrushchev's performance is what everyone needs to watch. At one time, Nikita Sergeevich created a real sensation, explaining to the west hostile to the USSR what the reason was. As they say - it's worth a look! In the UN, Khrushchev became a symbol of communist rhetoric, which does not bend or make any concessions with its enemies.

The richest dead

In our strange world, sometimes things happen that defy logic. Have you ever thought about the fact that some of the dead earn more than living people? But such examples are many! Of course, these are not ordinary citizens, but former celebrities who have become famous during their lifetime and now on their behalf clever craftsmen make millions of fortunes, and every year.

Earthquake causes

In this article we will consider the causes of earthquakes. The very concept of an earthquake is known to all people, and even children, but what are the reasons for the sudden start of the earth’s movement and the collapse of everything around it? First of all, it must be said that earthquakes are conventionally divided into several types: tectonic, volcanic, landslide, artificial and man-made.

Popular Posts

Popular Posts

Self-development as a game

Nowadays there is a huge amount of funds and benefits (both real and virtual) for self-development. However, not everyone wants to strain their brains in order to get the desired results. Many need motivation and valuable personal development tips. Actually for this we publish such articles.

7 phrases that successful people do not say

Surely you know that successful people have their own rules that follow all their lives. These are some basic principles by which, in general, they succeeded. It is quite natural that such advice can be a good motivation for everyone who wants to develop. We offer you 7 phrases that successful people never utter.

Great Patriotic War in numbers and people

Another collection of figures, facts and persons of the Great Patriotic War. It must be said that this topic is eternal, and no matter how it has been tried to hush up lately, we must remember that the Great Victory is not just a historical past, but some kind of sacred future. That is why the Great Patriotic War for many years will play a key role in the history of Russia.

What to give to the wedding

If you are invited to a wedding, and you do not know what to give to young people, then our advice will help you solve this problem. Actually, we created the “Lifehacks” rubric to share tips for all occasions. So let's go! Wedding gift In total we will offer you 10 ideas. However, each of them can be developed by another 10.

Interesting stories from the life of Peter 1

This video presents the most interesting stories from the life of Peter 1. The text version of this video is here. We hope that you will enjoy interesting facts from the life of Peter the Great and some historical features of his reign. Share this video about Peter 1 with friends, subscribe to the website InteresnyeFakty.

How has Russia changed in 100 years?

Do you wonder how Russia has changed in 100 years? If so, then the infographics will clearly demonstrate the changes that occurred in our country from 1913 to 2013. Lovers of history and various interesting facts will surely enjoy this comparison.

Cancer Diagnosis and Oncology Prevention

Unfortunately, many people continue to die of oncology, whether they are poor or rich. But still, cancer is not a sentence yet! If you not only hope for the doctors, but also start making certain efforts yourself, you will be able to significantly increase the chances of avoiding this ailment.

Daria Belousova

Daria Belousova - Russian theater and film actress. The greatest popularity of her brought the painting "Fathers and Sons", "Mistress of the taiga" and "Disappeared." Childhood and youth Daria Vladimirovna Belousova was born on August 29, 1983 in Chisinau, but she lived almost all her life in Moscow. She grew up in a creative and educated family.

The most incredible facts

Surely the most incredible facts are shocking you. After all, not every day we hear what we will tell you right now. Of course, there are many more of them than in this article. But it's impossible to describe everything, but some of them will certainly make your leisure time enjoyable. So, the most interesting facts in the world are offered to your attention.

7 popular myths

The more information there is in the world, the greater the opportunities for all sorts of errors and myths. After all, people like to believe in something unusual. Here are 7 popular myths in which many people are convinced. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them and find out how things really are.

Sergey Dovlatov

Sergey Dovlatov is a Soviet and American writer, prose writer and journalist. In Soviet times, Dovlatov was a dissident, but today his works are recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for independent reading by schoolchildren. In the biography of Dovlatov there were many ups and downs, which we describe in more detail in this article.

Ways to get smarter

This video presents simple ways to become smarter. It should be noted that these methods seem easy only at first glance. In fact, if you begin to apply them in life, you will very soon realize that regularity requires a lot of effort. At least in the early stages. Nevertheless, anyone can become smarter, the main thing is to apply the methods mentioned in this video.