The most expensive books

Book lovers will certainly be interested in which books are the most expensive in the world. So we decided to satisfy this curiosity of the readers, and make a selection of the TOP 10 most expensive books. By the way, we recommend reading interesting facts about books. Learn a lot of new and interesting information. So, before you is a list of the most expensive books from the heading "The Most-Most in the World".


Surely you have repeatedly heard on television the word "Benelux". What is it and where it comes from, we will tell in this post. So, the Benelux is an intergovernmental organization representing a political, economic and customs union in Western Europe, comprising three monarchies: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Window overtona

In our information age, when technological progress has become the essence and core of human civilization, and moral standards and high notions of eternal values ​​have faded into the background, I want to talk about such a scientific fact as Overtona Window. We will try to describe in detail the whole essence of this phenomenon and its terrifying, destructive potential.

Ruthless Optical Illusion: Slaughter Dance

Do you like optical illusions? Well, in front of you is a dance video that has recently appeared online, and immediately became extremely popular. The dancers dressed in black and white clothes and demonstrated a dizzying stunt against the background of the original choreography. Together, this gave rise to a magnificent optical illusion.

Hummingbird Bird

Probably in one form or another everyone has heard the word "hummingbird." But here the hummingbird birdie and its fantastic features are known not by everyone. That is what we want to tell those who love interesting facts about animals. Just want to say that in many ways this bird is a record holder. Her amazing abilities allow us to carry this article under the heading "The Most in the World."

The biggest dogs

Many animal lovers ask questions about the maximum and minimum sizes of one or another of our smaller brothers. In this article we will talk about which dogs are the largest of the known to date, and provide them with photos. Interesting facts about dogs, we published in a separate post. Here we analyze the 10 largest dog breeds.

Popular Posts

Popular Posts

Miguel Cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes is a world famous Spanish writer, playwright, poet and military man. The greatest popularity brought him the novel "The Cunning Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha", which is considered one of the greatest works in the world classics. In the biography of Cervantes there are many interesting and unusual moments that you can find out right now.

Interesting facts about Bulgakov

Interesting facts about Bulgakov will help you learn about the life and hobbies of this outstanding writer. Not everyone knows that he was a very versatile person and managed to leave a noticeable mark in various areas of art. The writer received worldwide fame after the release of the novel "The Master and Margarita", which today belongs to the Russian classics.

Pushkin's photo

Photos of Pushkin quite rightly enjoyed immense popularity. After all, Alexander Sergeevich is not just a great Russian poet, but also one of the world's greatest poets. If you are still not familiar with the life of a Russian genius, be sure to read Pushkin’s biography. For history lovers who are interested not only in photos, but also in some things from the life of Alexander Pushkin, we separately created a post where we collected the most interesting facts from Pushkin’s life.

Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe is a famous English writer and publicist. He is the author of the famous adventure novel "Robinson Crusoe". Interestingly, Daniel Defoe is considered one of the founders of the novel genre. Over the years of his biography Defoe managed to write more than 500 books on various topics. In addition, he advocated freedom of speech and religion, and also became one of the pioneers of economic journalism.

World War II History

The Second World War (September 1, 1939 - September 2, 1945) is a military conflict of two world military-political coalitions. It became the largest armed conflict in the history of mankind. 62 states took part in this war. About 80% of the world's population participated in hostilities on one side or another.

Rite of Manene

If you love the customs and traditions of the peoples of the world, then welcome. But if you are suspicious or overly impressionable - we strongly recommend not to read this article and not to look at the photos presented in it. So, let's begin. In Indonesia, there are about 300 peoples, the total number of which is more than 255 million people.

Interesting facts about algae

Interesting facts about algae will amaze you with how ancient and tenacious these plants are. Today they are actively studied by the entire scientific world. They are used for a variety of purposes, ranging from eating and ending with the use in industry. 25 interesting facts about algae The length of algae ranges from 1 mm to 50 m.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel has for many years served as German Chancellor. Someone likes her political activities, while others criticize her all the time. But do you know all about this woman? After all, the very fact that Merkel has held a leading position in a key European country for so long has to say something.

There were three Japanese

Here is one of the best tongue twisters about three Japanese. She is known by heart and loved by many people. Believe me, it is not difficult to learn it. Read a couple of times carefully - and it will be remembered as an ordinary verse. As a rule, such tongue twisters are very popular with those who understand the importance of developing diction.

80 millionaires in one village

Have you ever heard of 80 millionaires in one village? If not, we will tell you a very interesting story. Back in 1917, Antonio Fernandez was born in the Spanish village of Ceresales del Condado. His family lived rather poorly, and his parents, who had 13 children, had to work at the limit of their strength in order to somehow feed themselves.

General Karbyshev

General Karbyshev - Russian and Soviet fortifier, scientist-engineer, lieutenant-general of engineering troops, doctor of military sciences and professor of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Red Army. In the biography of General Karbyshev there were many large-scale military conflicts in which he showed courage and bravery. For services to the Fatherland, he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

Karamzin Biography

Nikolay Karamzin is a Russian historian, writer, poet and prose writer. He is the author of "The History of the Russian State" - one of the first generalizing works on the history of Russia, written in 12 volumes. Karamzin is the largest Russian writer of the age of sentimentalism, nicknamed the "Russian Stern." In addition, he was able to make many important reforms in the Russian language, as well as introduce dozens of new words.